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mel + python speed profiler 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Compare the speeds between mel and python scripts

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  • 2011

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Last Modified:08/18/2011
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Modified version of David Lightbown's "dlUtils_Profiler" script which compares the speed between two mel scripts (useful for heavy scripts)

Simple modification to also compare the speed between two python scripts and between a python and mel script (not perfect but it gives a good idea).
I find it really handy optimizing scripts and rigs.

Put script in script directory and call with -
dlUtils_ProfilerLD ( 2, "pyScript", "melScript", 3 ) ;

(where "2" represents the mode to run in (eg: 0 = mel + mel, 1 = python + python, 2 = python + mel))

("pyScript" is the function name of the python script - no brackets)
("melScript" is the proc name of the mel script)

("3" is iterations - amount of times to run each script, more iterations = more accurate results)


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