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mental ray map visualizer bug fix 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

fix mental ray map visualizer bug in maya 2008

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Last Modified:05/22/2008
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in maya 2008 ext2, for some reason the final gather points will not show in the viewport , unless you manually specify it in window --> rendering editors --> mentalray --> map visualizer ,and every time you hit the render button, you have to do this, so it is very tedious.

This is a quick hack , i modified a script comes with maya "mentalrayUpdateMapVisualizer.mel".
location :
D:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2008/scripts/others

and added 3 lines.

// a hack by hanjiang 2008-5-21
string $mentalRay=`workspace -rte mentalRay`;
$mapName =`workspace -q -rd`+(size($mentalRay)?$mentalRay:"renderData/mentalRay")+"/finalgMap/"+$mapName;
$mapName = toNativePath($mapName);

why i check if `workspace -rte mentalRay` exists or not? just to make sure the path is valid, in my test, sometimes `workspace -rte mentalRay` returns an empty string ( when you are using maya default project, and the mentalray filed in the Edit Project window is empty ), so ...

you don't need to overwrite the script in maya2008/scripts/others folder, just put it in your my documents/maya/2008/script or in the folder you specified in MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH in maya.env. It'll automatically override the default one.

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