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Merge Meshes 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

merge components from 2 meshes.

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 Merge Meshes
Merge mesh components between two separate meshes.
**Improves Maya workflow and extends the existing merge vertex command within the Maya interface. Allows users to merge both vertices and edges between two separate meshes located away from and at the global space origin position.
Loading the tool:
  1. Extract the downloaded .zip folder to a local directory or disk drive.
  2. This should look something like C://FilePath/.../MergeMesh/...
  3. Within the extracted folder should be 3 sub-folders, images, src and Videos
  4. The src folder contains the executable script. 
  5. Copy the file within the src folder within the native maya script editor to run the code.
  6. The images folder contains outcomes of using the tool and other supporting images for the tool.
  7. Videos contains tutorial videos on how to use the tool and further information on how to load it into the native maya environment.
Loading Merge Meshes into Maya
  • Note that this tool will always merge components from the world space position of components from the first selected mesh.
  • For the best outcome, ensure that one of the orthographic views is chosen within the Maya viewport whenever using this tool. It is highly recommended that merge meshes is not conducted with the Maya viewport in perspective mode.
  • This tool only works when there are an equal number of selected mesh components from each mesh. The failure to do so will prevent the tool from working any further. See Figure 1.1  .
Figure 1.1 Unequal number of mesh components
Figure 1.2 Merge vertices from different meshes
Figure 1.3 Merge vertices from mesh instance
Figure 1.4 Merge edges from different meshes.
Video 1.1 Merge different mesh vertices tutorial
Video 1.2 Merge vertices from mesh instance tutorial
Video 1.3 Merge edges from mesh instance tutorial
Video 1.4 Merge edges from different meshes tutorial
This tool works best for polygonal type meshes. This tool is not in support of NURBS or Curve type
objects. Using them will trigger Maya internal errors.