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Mirror Helper 1.4.2 for Maya (maya script)

Simple mirror tool that works on multi-selections, corrects normals and opposite flag, has local space toggle, and works on groups

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Last Modified:06/04/2015
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I have 1 problem in world space

Submitted byJulinoleum Julinoleum

merge, in world space, flip the object on itselft rather than positioning it on the other
side of the axis. This also cause a problem when you have an object with a face on the flipping side. The faces inside will still be there and if you arent cautious and dont delete them, you may not realize what is wrong with your model. Lets say for example, you have 2 cubes, it gives this result.

If you take the merged item and move one a little bit you see that there are faces inside:

Comments on this bug:

  • John Germann

    John Germann said over 10 years ago:

    That's just how Maya's polyMirrorFace works and that is what this feature uses. It doesn't assume faces need be deleted. polyMirrorCut creates a plane that trims your geometry. Ideally, you would just delete the inside of the one half of your object so the Mirror merge gives the desired result. One idea would be to build a cleanup into the mirror merge that checks the model for lamina faces and deletes them. I got this to work in a test case, so it might be an easy fix. In the mean time, you'll have to delete the inside faces. Thanks for the bug! Good one!

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