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mirrorPose (pymel) 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

allows you to mirror characterposes from symmetrical character and respect the local orientation of the controls

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  • 2012

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Last Modified:05/15/2012
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Allows you to mirror a pose from a rigged character from one side to another.


Either copy this module into the Maya Script Path (Default is "C:/Users/%username%/maya/scripts") or add the path to the module to the Environment Variable MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH
Now you should be able to use this command to open the UI:
import mirrorPose


  • Character needs to be rigged with nurbsCurves
  • Controls must be named similar. But needs to differ in Right/ Left Flags
  • Mirrorable Controls need to be at almost the same position
  • Controls that are very close may not be mirrored correctly 


  1. Open the rigfile of the character and save out the Mirroring Preferences (which will check for the matching ctrls and compare their local space and lock-status). Character should be in T-Pose for this and corresponding ctrls should be in almost the same place. If a default Path is given the file (.txt) will be saved there. In the Contol Set Field you can enter a name for the Set from which the Ctrls are taken. If nothing is entered it will search for all "All" sets (For Example: DOG:All, CHR:All,...) An Optional Namespacechange is possible. The 'Append Namespace' option allows to append a namespace at the start of all ctrls.    
  2. Now you can use this file in your animation scenes. EITHER Load the corresponding file via the Load Button  OR if you have a defaultpath the characterfiles that are found will automaticly be loaded
  3. Now you can select Ctrls and hit the 'Mirror Selection' Button to mirror the Pose. Use the 'Mirror Left >> Right' or 'Mirror Right >> Left' Button to mirror the whole character. 


  • Folder and Filenames must be free of special characters
  • Maya nodes cannot contain special characters
  • Objects in the Character sets must be NurbsCurve

For further Info see the docs.

Copyright (C) 2012 Elias Fauser 

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