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ml_octaneShaderSetup 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

Quick shader setup for Maya to Octane

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

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Last Modified:07/24/2011
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ml_octaneShaderSetup by Matt Lumb,

If you enjoy using my script let me know, or if you have feed back send that too.

Please visit to get Octane, it's cheap and awesome!

Purpose: This script helps with quick shader setup in Maya to go to Octane. Octane takes one obj, which can have multiple shaders, so you can use this script to quickly assign shaders to dense scenes so you can do your shading work in Octane. Having a shader per object will allow Octane to differentiate between seperate objects in your obj. The shaders will also match what you will get in Octane, diffuse for a non-reflective/non-refractive shader, glossy for a reflective shader, and specular for a refractive glass shader.

Usage: Put ml_octaneShaderSetup in your maya script folder (The one that gets autoloaded from the MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH, commonly set to documents/maya/maya version/scripts. Type ml_octaneShaderSetup in the command line or script editor.


 - Shader type sets the Octane type, using matching Maya shaders

 - Assignment type shader per object will create a shader for all/selected objects, shader for all creates a single shader for all objects

 - Colour sets the color of the shader you will create

 - Assign random colours overrides the colour selection, and will be purely random

 - Assign selected will create your shaders for the objects you have selected

 - Assign all will creates shaders for every object in the Maya scene

Version Info: Tested in Maya 2012 and 2011, should work fine in 2010 and below.


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