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ml_scriptManager 1.6.0 for Maya (maya script)

Manage and sort mel/python scripts from multiple folders.

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009

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Last Modified:05/05/2012
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ml_scriptManager by Matt Lumb,

If you enjoy using my script let me know, or if you have feed back send that too.

Purpose: Ever had so many scripts you couldn't manage them, or wanted an easy way to share scripts with workmates or across workstations, Script Manager can help. The idea is to have a window to show all your scripts neatly arranged for easy access. There is a description/instruction field so you can remind yourself what the requirements of a script may be, and you can add and delete your own categories and categorize all your scripts. It also allows you to assign scripts to multiple categories, and this is completely free of any kind of database.

Usage: Put ml_scriptManager in your maya script folder (The one that gets autoloaded from the MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH, commonly set to documents/maya/maya version/scripts. Type ml_scriptManager in the command line or script editor, or alternatively create a text file in your script folder called userSetup.mel, and put ml_scriptManager in it to have Script Manager load everytime you run Maya.

IMPORTANT: scriptManager runs best with scripts that have their main proc the same name as the script itself, i.e global proc test(){} in test.mel, this way you can just click the run button, otherwise you can click the source button, (provided it has no procs required to run, or it calls its own proc itself). If your script requires arguements, click the source button to source it, and manually call your script the ususal way, additionally type an arguement example into the desciption field for future reference, I may add a feature for providing arguements in the future.

Notes: In the locations tab you can automatically load scripts in your favorite script editor, it defaults to Notepad++ but you can change the application in the Settings menu in ScriptManager. You can also auto search Creative Crash for scripts from the Scripts tabs, it will launch your default browser with your search terms. A right click menu has been added to the main list, select a script, right click to perform functions or assign to a category.
A new userSetup.mel has been provided for Maya 2011-13, which adds a toggle button up at the top-right next to the attrEditor/tools/channelbox toggles.

Feature List:
- Add as many local/network locations as you would like to load scripts from, share with others/multiple workstations
- Categorize your scripts within Script Manager. NEW!! Right click menu for easier sorting.
- Run, edit, and sort python scripts.
- Store custom run commands for python scripts.
- Add descriptions/instructions to any/all of your scripts.
- Add and remove your own categoies.// - Quickly search creative crash from within the UI.
- Quickly launch your favourite script editor and script from the UI.
- Resource/reload your scripts automatically i.e. Work in an external editor such as notepad++, save, reload in script manager, run the script.

Features still to add:
- Windowmode optionVar
- Add script icons/screenshots.
- Shortcut to quickly copy .mel files from your download folder to a chosen script folder.
- Package/Archive all files up to zip for quickly transferring to a new workstation. 

Version Info: Tested in Maya 2013, should work fine in 2011/12, and have yet to thoroughly test in Maya 2010, only in windows. Most features should work in osx/linux.

Version Update - 1.6.0 - Added python support. Python categorizing. Python custom run commands. Default tab optionVariable.
Version Update - 1.5.5 - Added python UI elements.
Version Update - 1.5.4 - Fix location adding in 2012, and the event of selecting nothing.
Version Update - 1.5.3 - Additional control to delete the dock control, to match the maya ui button.
Version Update - 1.5.2 - Added UI support for Maya 2010 and below.

Bugs - 2010 version displays defaultMenuItem in the category selector.

- Enjoy!

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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