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Feature Request

MMtoKey behaviour not Overruled by Panel

Submitted by:Snatcher Snatcher
Hi Andrey, I was optimizing my MMtoKey setup a little, but I have another thing I would really like to see implemented in the MMtoKey Behaviour. What I would really like to see as an option is the following: When I now open the UV Texture Editor. MMtoKey gives the options for that specific Panel, by loading in that Marking Menu so polyTexturePlacementPanel1 -->(uses) TexturePlacement_MM. But what I would like is to have the normal behavior that is the same as in the Main Modeling Panel. Because when I have edges selected in the modeling panel, the options MMtoKey brings forward are different then when I have Faces selected. The same behavior should also be applied in the UV-Editor. So when you have UV-edges selected in the UV_Editor, the options MMtoKey brings forward (the MM menu that is loaded in) should be different then when a face is selected in the UV_Editor. So now when No MM is assigned to the polyTexturePlacementPanel1 it automaticly switches back to the All_MM. I think there should be an option that says something like, "disabled". Once it is set on Disabled. It will use the DAG based Selection MM in that Panel. I hope you understand what i'm trying to explain.

Comments on this feature request:

  • FormJune

    FormJune said over 8 years ago:

    Hi Snatcher, In that case all you need is just remove :polyTexturePlacementPanel1" from panel tab. Once you did that MMtoKey will no longer consider that panel explicitly. But there's no problem to add dag-nodes support to particular panel as well. thanks, Andrey

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