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Ncloth optimizing Tool 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

A cool tool for tweaking nCloth fast in your scene

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  • 2009, 2008

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Last Modified:11/24/2009
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An useful tool for optimizing and adjusting your ncloth object presets in your scene. 

About Cloth Optimizer tool:

This tool takes your cloth object and duplicates(NCLOTH &NUCLUES  together) its geometry or a piece of it (as selected) , separating it from the current scene and allows the user to set the cloth preset much faster in cool UI that combines important attributes from the nucleus as well as the ncloth shape, it also disables all other cloth dynamics(collsions and original cloth) in the scene to make your optimizing process quicker. then copy's it back to the original object with the new settings.

it comes in very handy when you have a heavy mesh and you want to check how certain parts of the fabric are going to simulate, or just isolate the simulated object.

by disabling everything else in the scene this enables you to preform much faster modifications to your cloth preset.

note:this tool is one seperated feature from the "NBcloth Tools" set.


  • just source the script.
  • put the logo.bmp in your maya prefs folder (e.g My ...Documents/maya/2009/prefs/icons)

Tips and features:

  • a helpful "speed settings" button to change the space scale attribute  from maya's ncloth default and also sets the stretch to higher value. saves you a few clicks( for standard sized characters)
  • you can check non cloth meshes as well as cloth object using this tool.
  • in case of an error when launching the viewer window just press "delete rig" and start over.
  • make sure that for "selected faces" mode, no separated faces are selected

known issues :
this will work only with 1 nucleus solver in the scene at this point.

feed backs and reviews are welcome.... please rate this script or review it if you like it.

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