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Nightshade Kill Switch 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Kills the Maya process immediatly from inside of Maya when executed.

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Last Modified:10/06/2014
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:: ABOUT ::

Nightshade Kill Switch (NSKS) will effectivly hard kill the Maya process closing down Maya immediatly. 
Use NSKS if you are having issues with Maya being slow when closing down.


1) Copy "prefs" and "scripts" to your Maya directory on your system disc (not the same as install dir). It is usually found at:
c:\Users\ YOUR USERNAME \Documents\maya\ VERSION NUMBER\

2) Inside Maya, open up the script editor and make sure you are on the MEL tab and not the Python tab. 
Now type the following (WITHOUT pressing Enter):

source NSKS

...and then highlight that line and drag the selection up to the shelf using MOUSE3 (middle mouse button)

4) In the \prefs\icons -directory there is a shelf icon called NSKS_shelf.bmp that you can use

5: Since NSKS kills the Maya process, Maya preferences are NOT SAVED when doing so. Therefor you HAVE to save the shelf prefs manually by clicking any icon on your shelf and then > Edit > Shelf -tab > Save all shelves

If you don´t do step 5, the shelf icon will be gone the next time you start up Maya.

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