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Nightshade UV Editor 2.1.3 for Maya (maya script)

Nightshade UV Editor extends the Maya's UV Texture Editor with tools, scripts and a UI that greatly speed up the time it takes doing UV work.

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  • 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

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Last Modified:09/11/2016
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UnfoldUV Tool

Submitted byEnDivine EnDivine
Hello, I had a problem with UnfoldUV Tool. I click the button and have this message:

 # Error: AttributeError: file C:/Users/User/Documents/maya/2016.5/scripts\NSUV\ line 6797: 'module' object has no attribute 'Unfold3DContext' # 

I'm using Maya 2016 Extension 2 

Comments on this bug:

  • Martin Dahlin

    Martin Dahlin said almost 7 years ago:

    Thank you for your report - I will investigate ASAP! For now, can you go into your plug-in manager and make sure that the Unfold3d -plugin is loaded?
  • EnDivine

    EnDivine said almost 7 years ago:

    Oh! Thank you ! Yeah Now it's work, but had a new problem, after edit UVs with UnfoldUV Tool I had crashes :(
  • Martin Dahlin

    Martin Dahlin said over 6 years ago:

    I noticed now that NSUV does not auto-load the Unfold3D -plugin if it's not loaded already. From a usability POV it's probably best to add code so that it does auto-load. As for the crashes: There is nothing that NSUV does that could cause crashes (like memory management - this sounds like "normal" Maya instability :( Do you get the same crashes in the default editor? Closing this ticket as the original issue has been resolved!

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