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Ninja City 4.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

Builds buildings from moduals and procedural Cities

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Last Modified:04/08/2019
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Paths wrong?

Submitted byKarsten Bitter Karsten Bitter

sorry, I have problems with:

source "/RenderReady/Tools/RenderReady_UI.mel";RenderReady_UI();
// Error: source "/RenderReady/Tools/RenderReady_UI.mel";RenderReady_UI(); //
// Error: Cannot find file "/RenderReady/Tools/RenderReady_UI.mel" for source statement. //


so I do:

source "C:/RenderReady/Tools/RenderReady_UI.mel";RenderReady_UI();
// Error: File not found: /RenderReady/Icons/select_rows.bmp //

so I changed all "/RenderReady" to "C:/RenderReady" in RenderReady_UI.mel and still the same:

// Error: File not found: C:/RenderReady/Icons/select_rows.bmp //


any help?

Thanx in advance!



Comments on this bug:

  • Fabio Basile

    Fabio Basile said about 14 years ago:

    I'm running into the same error every now and then. This script is nice to have when i got no time and need to whip up a city background fast and dirty, i hope this issue will be resolved soon.
  • Kay  Poprawe

    Kay Poprawe said about 14 years ago:

    same problem. please fix this .. thx!!!
  • rjonesxlr8

    rjonesxlr8 said almost 14 years ago:

    I'm having the same problem. Is this going to be fixed?
  • Brian Keffer

    Brian Keffer said almost 14 years ago:

    One issue might be that you have maya installed to a different drive letter. I am not hard coding the drive letter for this reason plus for mac compatibility. If your maya is installed on a different Drive Letter.. Just copy the RenderReady folder to the root of that drive.

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