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Ninja City 4.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

Builds buildings from moduals and procedural Cities

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Last Modified:04/08/2019
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Feature Request

Shop Windows and Customizer

Submitted by:supermoose supermoose
Hi, This is a great tool. For the New York buildings, it would be nice to have a module with a large plate glass window to resemble the shops that are in the bottom of most buildings in New York. A little more complicated would be a method of integrating user created/modified modules that could be stored into a library to be inserted into the buildings to help personalize/randomize them. As I said, this is a great tool. Good job!

Comments on this feature request:

  • Brian Keffer

    Brian Keffer said over 13 years ago:

    You can currently create your own modules. Its pretty simple once you do it a couple times. 1. Open the maya file in the working directory. (C:\RenderReady\Mesh\Residential\NY_Apt_A\Working\ NYaprtA_Working.mb) 2. Duplicate one of the modules and rename to the next letter up. so if its named NYAptA_MidTop_C, rename it to NYAptA_MidTop_D. 3. Set the Export Directory. The Export Directory should be the name of the Directory of the Building Type. (C:/RenderReady/Mesh/Residential/NY_Apt_A) 4. Select the new module and in the Export Tab click on "Render Module Icon". 5. Select the new module and click "Export Module" the next time you run Render Ready you will have a new column of modules. the best way is to create the Top Mid and Bot modules. When you render and export the modules, you can have multiple modules selected. you can then replace the old modules with the new modules. I will be making more video tutorials for this.

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