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Ninja Dojo (Black Belt) 7.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

The Full set of Ninja Tools, Ninja Fractrure, Ninja UV, Ninja Scatter, Ninja Light, Ninja Rename, Ninja Mesh

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:04/08/2019
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Version History

6.4 updates

Ninja Dojo 6.4
1. Fixed layer visibility in sidekick.
2. Added Component Axis Contraint in the Status Bar. Fixed Custom Constraint and UI updating for Contraints in the status bar.
3. Added Store and Recall Local Pivot in the Pivot Menu.

Ninja Mesh 6.4
1. Added Absolute or Relative to Randomize Rotation
2. Added Clean Verts with only 2 Edges in the Tools menu. This will delete verts that only 2 edges visible.
3. Added Bounding Mesh icons in the Mesh Create Rollout.
4. Added Prism, Gear, Soccer Ball, SuperShape, and Text primitives to the Mesh Create.
5. Added Store and Recall Local Pivot in the Adjust Pivot Rollout.

Ninja UV 6.4
1. Fixed the Combine Bake.
2. Removed the PBR library and merged it into one tool with the Create Material from Texture.
3. Fixed the suffix naming for the texture slots and also made them Non Case Sensitive.
4. Added straighten Curve Horizontal and Vertical in the Straigten section.
5. Added average Horizontal and Vertical in the Straigten section.
6. Fixed Units in the pixel ratio when loading Ninja UV. It will now set the units to the scenes unit scale.


6.3 updates

Ninja Mesh 6.3
1. Added delete all colorsets in Tools Menu
2. Fixed Maya 2018 issues

Ninja UV 6.3
1. Added Merge UV's in Ninja UV Editor
2. Added Detach UV Shell in UV Editor
3. Added Fix UV FixU and Fix V in UV Editor
4. Added checkbox to show Toolbar and Shelf
5. Fixed Combine Bake
6. Fixed Maya 2018 issues



6.2 updates

Ninja Mesh 6.2

1. Added Boolean Difference + Intersection.
2. Added Boolean Difference + Keep Last.
3. Added Greeble Tools.
4. Added Axis Direction to Deform Along Curve.
5. Added Deform Along Selected Edge.


Ninja UV 6.2
1. Added option to show UV/persp panel inside the Ninja UV.
2. Added option to show persp panel inside the Ninja UV editor window.
3. Added map tab inside Ninja UV editor window.
4. Added Align UV Left, Align UV Right, Align UV Top, and Align UV Bottom with edge selection.
5. Added [Apply Material From Last Selected Face] in the material Tab.
6. Added PBR Material Library.
7. Added Rotate UV.
8. Fixed Uv linking when switching uv sets.
9. Added Tiling info in Check Ratio.
10. Added UV Toolbar in the Ninja UV Editor Window.



6.1 updates

Ninja Dojo
1. Added perforce Command "Check out current file" in the Ninja Dojo menu. (Must have env variables set in windows)
2. Updated UI for 2017. Added Side Kick Mode (Workspace 2017) in the Ninja UI menu. This will create the UI in a dockable Workspace tab for 2017.

Ninja Mesh 6.1

1. Added Select Contiguous. This will select contiguous faces within a certain Angle.
2. Added Grid Divide. Divide a mesh based off a grid in x y z axis.
3. Fixed Weld verts to work on multiple objects.
4. Fixed Delete Alternate Edge Loop to work on multiple objects.
5. Added Boolean options.
6. Updated Select by name.

Ninja UV 6.1

1. Added Select Contiguous. This will select contiguous faces within a certain Angle.
2. Added Move UV in either UV space or Pixel Space.
3. Moved UVSets to the Edit Tab
4. Added Material Tab. Has 4 materials for grids of 512, 1024, 2048, 4096
5. Added Create/Assign Material from Texture. Select texture for the color channel. if normal map and spec map have suffixes it will automatically add those to the corret slots.

6.0 updates
Ninja Dojo 
1. UI Icons:  Updated Icons. Uninstall icons then re-install icons.
2. Cleaned up UI.
3. Adjusted UI Buttons to be larger. 
4. Updated Color Settings for buttons and rollouts.
5. Updated Angle Snap to have presets. Right Click the Angle Snap field to set Angle Snap presets.
6. Started Adding Clone funcionality to open duplicate rollouts.  Any Rollout that says (*) will be able to Clone that Rollout to work independently.  This will also fix issues with the Interactive Help.
7. Bonus Script Section now you can double click a script and it will open it up in a window.
8. Fixed all warnings with the -borderstyle in Maya 2016.

New Bonus Tools
1. Ninja Export 1.0.  Ninja Export is a batch exporting script.  This is replacing Ninja_UDK.  Please remove Ninja_UDK from the /Ninja_Dojo/Bonus/ directory.
2. Ninja Convert 1.0  Ninja Convert is a simple distance conversion tool that converts kilometer, meter, centimeter, millimeter, mile, yard, foot and inches.
3. Ninja Paint Prep 1.0. Ninja Paint Prep is a tool to help paint textures onto a mesh.  This is uesful if you are using RGB Blend Maps for your shaders.

Ninja SpeedBox 2.1
1. fixed saving of Shelf of "None".
2. Updated the Combine to help clean up empty nodes associated with meshes.

Ninja Mesh 6.0
1. Updated the Attach to help clean up empty nodes associated with meshes.
2. Fixed some issues with deform along curve.
3. Fixed some issues with duplicate along curve.
4. Added Radomize Position, Rotation, Scale
5. Updated Coffer: added Keep Faces Together, Taper and End Scale.
6. Added Cloning ability to Most Rollouts. 
7. Added New Re-Cap Faces.  This Will rebuild Faces with a specified number of Divisions.
8. Updated Icons

Ninja UV 6.0
1. fixed loading of ninjax.ini
2. fixed loading of ninja_Uv.ini
3. added move and sew option to detach uv shell.  selected edges will get sewed after detaching uv shells.
4. added select uvshell border edges in the select menu
5. added a select rollout.
6. added scale move sew.
7. added Ninja Camera for Full Mode
8. Added Cloning ability to Most Rollouts. 
9. Updated Icons

Ninja Fracture 6.0
1. Updated UI to seperate the different fracture types.
2. Added Icons for Fracture Types. 
3. Fixed some issues with the spline fracture
5.8 updates

Ninja Asset 2.3
1. fixed an error that would occur on load if you didnt have an asset bookmark file.(this would not cause ninja dojo to stop loading)

Ninja UV 4.3
1. optimized speed when collecting uv shells.  This will affect shells with a large number of UVs.

Ninja Mesh 3.1
1. updated select by same name to reselect the original object last

Ninja Rename 2.2
1. updated select by same name to reselect the original object last

Ninja SpeedBox 2.0
1. Contexts will now get combined if you are in multiple contexts
2. Single and Multiple Context has been removed and been replaced with Mesh context

5.6 updates
Ninja Mesh
1. added Move Constraint option
2. added Rotate Constraint options
3. added Scale Constraint options
4. Fixed a bug with Ninja Rope.
5. Added Offset Edge Tool
6. Added Duplicate Face and Extrude
7. fixed a bug with create tube.

Ninja UV
1. Added Final Gather in the AO Bake
2. Added GI Baking
3. There are now 2 options to color baking.  Bake Light and Color and Bake Color Flat

Ninja City 4.0
1. Added A custom building tab
2. Added ability to edit window sizes after a building has been created

UI fixes
1. Fixed some UI items for maya 2011

Bonus Tools.
1. Added Ninja_Pipe a pipe generating tool
5.5 updates

Ninja UV 4.0
1. Added bake uv shell color
2. Added Copy and Paste UVs
3. Improved Layout Horizontal and Vertical.
4. Added Layout Grid.
5. Fixed randomize UV
6. Pixel Ratio is now based on scene scale and not limited to Meters.
You can now change the Distance Value.  So you can map 512 per 2 meters if you like.
7. Added Cut and Fix Edge and Cut and fix Shell

5.4 updates

Ninja Dojo 5.4
1. Changed Outliner Tab to say OL. This will fix a small UI issue on Mac OSX.
2. There is now a quick display toggle for shelf time range command and help.

Ninja Mesh
1. Fixed an issue wish select by same name with groups.

Ninja UV 3.9
1. Fixed an issue when you ran Check Ratio on an object with multiple uv shells.  It will now only check one uv shell.
2. Fixed an issue with Scale To Last when the target object had multiple uv shells.  It will now only scale to one uv shell size.
3. Set the default iterations to 100.
4. optimized the UV scaling function.  
5. fixed a small issue with Uniform Mapping.  You can now have just a edge selected on a mesh and dont have to have faces+edges selected.
6. Added Calculate UV usage.  It is located in the Help menu of Ninja UV.  It requires that all uv's are within the 0-1 area and no overlapping uv's.
7. Fixed an issue if you tried to run ninja mapping on uv selection
8. Uniform Mapping and Tube Mapping will now work on multiple objects
9. Fixed Docking window when switching from Docked mode to other modes. The window will now automatically dock if you have 2011 or higher.
10. Added icons for Ninja Mapping, Uniform Mapping and Tube Mapping if you have Ninja Dojo and have installed Icons.

Ninja Asset 2.2
1. Fixed a bug where it might render the shader multiple times when you exported a shader from an object
2. Set the shadows to ray trace instead of shadow map
3. fixed an issue where the the AO node would not get deleted

Ninja Rename 2.1
1. Optimized selected object list
2. Fixed an issue wish select by same name with groups.

5.3 updates
NInja Dojo 5.3
1. Now will display Black Belt or Grandmaster in the title
2. Adjusted UI.  Moved the Ninja Tools Buttons so they will always be visible.
3. Removed the color option from the main UI to its own window.  You can access this in the UI menu -- Ninja Dojo Config Settings
4. Fixed Web Links in the Help Menu
5. Full Mode now includes Visor, Graph Editor, Dope Sheet, Render, and Scripting Tabs
6. Full Mode will now clean up Ninja Dojo Panels when you exit Ninja Dojo
7. Added toggle display for Ninja Dojo and Shelf. (2011 and above)

Ninja Mesh 2.9
1. Improved speed of Align Object to Topology when align normal is set.

Ninja Topo 1.2
1. Added Hide Target, Show Target, and Make Live buttons.
2. Added a Topo shader and Target shader.
3. Fixed an bug when you hid the target object and unhid would lose the Live mode.
4. Added display hard edges for target mesh
5. Make some Speed improvements
6. Added Hide/show Target and Make live

Ninja UV 3.8
1. Added Tube Mapping
2. Fixed a minor bug in the Straigten UV where it might skip uv's that shared edges.
3. Added some standard UV mapping buttons.
4. Straigten UV is in its own rollout
5. Added Straigten Horz and Straighten Vertical
6. Added UV range in the Bake options
7. Added Multi Bake Range Bake.

5.2 updates

Ninja Mesh 2.8
1. added Skip loop A and B in the Selection Seciton
2. added Skip Ring A and B in the Selection Section
3. added Edge loop Shrink
4. Added Align Object to Component
5. Added Align Object to Topology
6. updated Attach.  you can now attach hierarchys.  You can attach parents to children.
7. updated Select Faces by angle.  You can now set a normal direction and select faces with the angle tolerence within a selection of faces.

Ninja UV 3.7
1. added an option to delete history when running Ninja Mapping.  This will speed up uv mapping
2. improved Auto Unfold guessing.  It will now select between HV VH and Both
3. adjusted UI of the preview section
4. Added buttons to the UV Editor if you use the [UV editor] button in Ninja_UV. (works in 2011 and up only)
5. Added a straighten UV Selection.  This is a much improved way of straightening UV's.  It will work with uv shells that have holes.  
The angle tolerence will determine which edges will get straigtened.

Ninja Fracture 5.2
1. The Fracture shader no longer gets created at startup.  It will get created once you turn on "Assign Fracture Shader to Cuts" in the Adavanced Options.

Ninja Asset 2.1
1. Integrated Ninja Asset into the Main Dojo UI

Ninja Rename 2.0
1. Added a Type Filter list.  You can filter out types by selecting the types in the list.
2. Added a right click select hilite in the name list
3. Fixed a few bugs when renaming objects with hierarchy
4. Re-organized the UI
5. The Select by name field no longer auto updates.

5.1 updates
Ninja Dojo 5.1
1. Added NInja Dojo ini file.  This will save the UI type and button colors

Ninja Mesh 2.7
1. Added Selection Rollout
2. Added Select Random % and Select Random count
3. Added Select by face angle
4. Added Select by shader.  This will only select the faces with the same shader on the selected objects
5. Added Align Object to Componet.  Select the object first then a component.  This will align the object to the center of the component and align the rotation to the component normal if align normal is checked on.
6. Added Auto Create Tube checkbox.  This will automatically create a tube while creating a Curve.
7. Added Clean Tube Splines.  This will delete the spline after a tube has been created.  You will no longer be able to edit the Tube settings if you have this checked on.
8. Select By Same Name will now select multiple object names instead of just one.

NInja Asset 2.0
These updates have not been itegrated into the Main Ninja Dojo UI.  They will only be available for the Full Mode Version.
1. Added a Shader Library Section. You can now export shaders and it will render out an icon.  You can import those shader and apply to selection.
2. Added an Audio Tab
3. Added a video Tab.  You can render out icons for supported videos.
4. Added option to add notes to files.  Right click the file and click on Edit notes

NInja UV 3.6
1. There are 2 straighten UV options.  Straighten UV Shell And Straigten UV Edges.
2. Added Randomize Tile UV and Randomize UV.
3. Made some speed improvements to Finding UV shells.
5.0 updates

Ninja Dojo 5.0
1. Sidekick is now working in Full Mode.  Full mode is now a dockable window. Full Mode works only in 2011+
2. Custom shelfs no longer get saved in the Maya shelves direcotry. This was changed do to users having multiple shelf directories.  They will now get saved in /Users/Name/Documents/maya/NinjaDojo/Shelves + maya version/
3. Migrating The shelfs.  Under Help click on Migrate Shelves (v5.0)  you will only need to run this once.

Ninja Mesh 2.6
1. Scatter:  Removed the interactive Density Change.
2. Optimize Mesh.. Ninja Delete Edge will delete selected edges across multiple objects.  Ninja Edge Loop Delete will edge loop delete across multiple objects.  Ninja Edge Ring Collapse will work across multiple objects
3. Added Edge loop grow +1
4. Cleaned up Bounding Box/Plane UI

Ninja UV 3.5
1. added Ninja Mapping preview.  This will preview 3 different unfold methods.  you can then choose which one to use
2. Changed default Path to where Textures get baked.  They now get baked in the ../maya/NinjaDojo/NinjaBake/ directory.  

Ninja Asset 1.2
1. fixed regular import
2  Added button to render all icons in bar mode
3. Added button to refresh the Icons in bar mode and full mode
4. Added error checking to auto refresh icons.  The auto refresh will crash 2013.
5. Added a button to Render Scene Icon
6. Added a button to Browse directly to the opened maya scene
7. Changed the format that the preview is rendered to.  This is due to compatibility issues with mac OS.

Ninja SpeedBox 1.5
1. Shelfs no longer get saved in the maya shelf folder.  This was changed do to users having multiple shelf directories.  They will now get saved in /Users/Name/Documents/maya/NinjaDojo/Shelves + maya version/
2. If you Have saved Speed Shelves.  You will see a button in the None Shelf called "Migrate".  You will have to run this once to migrate all your speed shelves to the new direcotry

4.7 updates

Ninja Dojo 4.7
1. updated button icons for Ninja Mesh
2. updated button icons for Ninja UV
3. Bonus Scripts are now 3 columns instead of 2 an no longer have the Ninja_ prefix in the name.
4. fixed a bug with Exit Ninja Dojo that would cause the channel box to not open the next time restarting Ninja Dojo.
5. Layers: added Sel obj layer.  You can select an object and click [Sel obj layer].  This will select the layer the object is in.
6. Layers: added Hide obj layer.  You can select an object and click [Hide obj layer].  This will set the objects layer not Visible.
7. Added Clean Light Links under the help menu

Ninja UV 3.4
1. pmap: Added map1 to Create Projection UV's
2. pmap: Added apply material to Bake Texture
3. fixed an issue with straighten uvs.  Fixed a bug that would remove uv's when an object had multiple uv shells and had shared edges.
4. fixed a bug with bake AO.
5. fixed an issue with Texture Atlas

Ninja Mesh 2.5
1. added store transforms and paste transforms.  This will store translation, rotation, and scale of selected objects to a text file.  You can then paste those into another maya scene.  This is useful if you are working on multiple versions of file.
2. added support for creating multiple tubes with multiple splines selected
3. Mesh optimization: added Multi Edge Delete.
4. Mesh optimization: added Multi Edge Ring Collapse:  Allows you to do a edge ring collapse on multiple objects.
5. Mesh optimization: added Multi Edge Loop Delete:  Allows you to do a edge loop delete on multiple objects.
6. Search and Replace by name.  the search and replace button will always update the search text to what ever is selected.
7. added Align Objects by Components. This will snap objects together by selected components.  The Last component will be the target component.
8. added double click on primitive creation.  This will create a primitive at 0 0 0 with a size of 1.

Ninja Asset 1.1
1. added ability to import and place to component selection.  

Ninja Fracture 5.1
1. Updated UI :  Added an Advanced Options rollout.
2. Updated UI: renamed dynamics tab to FX

New Tools
Ninja_Connect.  This allows you to connect 2 mayas in real time for edits when working on multiple versions of a file.  This is located in the Bonus Section

removed column gen and Kam Mapper in the bonus tools of Ninja City.  These would cause conflicts with Ninja Column and Ninja UV
updated Web Page.  there are now videos on the tools pages
To update the Icons.. you will need to run the Install Icons under the Help Menu then restart the Dojo.  If you are using maya 2010 or below you will have to restart Maya.

4.6 updates

Ninja Dojo 4.6
1. Added an outliner tab. Fixed a bug where the outliner wouldnt show if ninja dojo was loaded at startup in the userSetup.mel
2. Added collapse and expand for SideKick.  This only works in 2011 and above.
3. Set Side Kick Mode to be default.  You can use the [>] [<] to expand and collapse the side kick.
4. Streamlined The ninja buttons and reubuilt icons.  
5. Added a bonus button. This will launch the bonus tools inside the Ninja Dojo instead of launching a new window for the tool.
6. Removed Add Outliner in the UI menu.. This is no longer nessary.
7. Remove Side Kick Right in the UI menu. This is no longer nessary.  
8. Removed Dock Modes in the UI menu.  This is no loger nessary.
9. Fixed a bug when running Ninja Dojo for the first time would not build all the UI.
10.Fixed a bug when creating the Ninja Dojo right after running the script the first time.

Ninja Mesh 2.4
1. Added search and replace in the Copy tools
2. Fixed a renaming bug in the Replace Objects when you had nested objects and you have "Keep Target Names" checked on
3. Added World Space Align
4. Changed the align UI

Ninja UV 3.3
1. Updated Atlas bake.  It now has an option to overlap uv's if object names are similar. It also has options to group and duplicate the objects.

Changed Column_gen to Ninja Column

4.5 updates

Ninja Dojo 4.5
1. Fixed Ninja Sidekick to work with 2011 and above

Ninja Topo 1.0
1. Added Ninja_Topo Tool in Bonus Tools

Ninja_UV 3.2
1. fixed an issue with symmetry mapping doing too much error checking
2. added texture output Format. You can output to .bmp .tga .tif .jpg
3. Added Object Baking.
4. Moved Texture Atlas from the Edit tab to the Bake Tab
5. Updated Uniform Mapping to work on Face Selection.  It is no longer limited to Object selection
6. Updated Straighten UV's to work better with objects with Multiple UV Shells.
7. Added a preview to the Texture Baking.  

Ninja_Mesh 2.3
1. Added Mesh Optimization Tools. It's located in the mesh tab
2. Fixed issues with Create Tube when using a line.
3. Added Extrude Edge Along curve.  It's located in the spline tab
4. Added Duplicate Betweeen.  This will array objects in a line between 2 objects. This is located under the copy tab under the Duplicate on Curve section
5. Added more error checking to [Deform To Curve]
6. Added Follow Axis and Up axis to Duplicate Along Curve.

4.4 updates

Ninja Light
1. Fixed intensity in Bar mode

Ninja Rename
1. Fixed Select by same name if selected object did not have a number at the end.

Ninja UV
1. Changed Ninja Mapping so you can use ninja mapping in any camera view.  
2. Added Mirror UV.  You can mirror selected uv's either in the center of the UV selection or extents of the UV selection
3. Updated the Edge List so it doesnt store names but only the edge IDs.
4. Added Snap Point in the Snap UV Shells.  you can use extents or center.
5. Added a calculate U size and V size in the Move UV section.
6. Added a interactive Symmetry Mapping.  Just select the center UV and start the symmetry Mapping.  When your done click on Stop Symmetry Mapping.
7. Fixed some issues with Cut Edge List.

Ninja Mesh
1. Updated the Detach to detach faces on multiple objects
2. Fixed Flipping normals when mirroring with instance
3. Added Match Selected Verts and Match Border Edge.  This works like merge vertex but across multiple objects.  It will keep objects seperate.
4. Duplicate along curve is now editable if you have the group selected
5. Deform along curve is now editable if you have the group selected
6. Added instance and reference to Mirror
7. Fixed some issues with create tube from spline when using line or custom

Ninja Chain Reaction
1. Added a new script that is like Actions in Photoshop.  This can be found under the Window menu

4.3 updates
Ninja Dojo
1. added sidekick mode.  You can have the sidekick on either the right or left side.  Its under the UI menu.
2. added channel box to SideKick
3. added Layers to sidekick

Ninja Mesh
1. added duplicate, reference and instance buttons to the create section
2. added Referenceing to the copy functions

4.2 Updates
For this update you should remove previous versions and install a clean copy. Some scripts have moved to different directories.

Ninja Asset
1. Fixed a bug with the filters in the Image Files
2. Added Render all icons in the Maya Files Section.  (This will open and render the maya files)

Ninja Mesh
1. Fixed a Refresh Issue when adjusting Rot Scale and Pos in the scatter
2. Deform curve will now automatically calculate if the curve is linear or Cubic
3. Fixed Motion Path pivot in Deform Curve
4. Fixed Duplicate Curve to work with y or z up
5. Renamed Edit to Hist. Cleaned up Hist UI.
6. Added Reference Objects to the replace by last selected, Deform to Curve, Duplicate along curve, and Mesh Create Section  

Ninja UV
1. Adjusted icon sizes
2. Added repeat last command to icons

Installing Icons:
More Icons have been added to the Ninja_Mesh.   If you have already installed icons.. you will have to re-run the install icons.
If you are using maya 2010 or below you will have to restart maya after installing the new icons.

4.1 Updates
Ninja Dojo
1. changed UI load to load all at startup instead of deleting and creating UI's.  This results in faster switching between Tools.
   This will also keep setting when switching tools.
2. Added a load progress window
3. Added Install Icons under the help menu.  And added Un-install Icons in the help menu.

Ninja UV
1. Added icons for Move
2. Added icons for Snap
3. Added icons for Align

Ninja Mesh
1. Added icons for Attach Detach Duplicate Face
2. Added icons for Mirror
3. Added icons for Adjust Pivot

Installing Icons:
Under the Ninja Dojo Help Menu ---> Install Icons.

Un-Installing Icons:
Under the Ninja Dojo Help Menu ---> Un-Install Icons.

4.0 Update (12.13.2011)

New Scripts
1. Ninja Speed Box

Ninja Dojo 4.0
1. Integrated Ninja Speed Box into the shelves tab

2. Added Color Scheme to buttons. There are now colors at the top of the Dojo UI.  click these to change the button colors.
   The First color is the current and custom color. click this one to change to a custom color.
   The color will be saved to an ini file and will load on restart.

Ninja Mesh
1. Reorganized Rollouts

2. Added Adjust pivot to min X, min Y, min Z, max X, max Y, max Z.  This will set the pivot of an object to the min and max extents.

3. Added the option to mirror either from the center or the Extents of an object.
   You can now mirror in all directions using the extents of the object as the mirror point.

4. When Mirroring.. The display Opposite is now turned off

5. Added Color to the On and Off in the history Editor

6. Fixed a crash bug when you had the history list open with nothing selected and you used your mouse wheel to scroll in the Ninja Mesh UI.
   This crash would only happen with 2010 and below.

7. Fixed the refresh histoy when nothing was selected.  It will now display "nothing selected" instead of keeping the last selected history.

8. Moved History to a new tab called edit

9. Added an attribute editor in the edit tab

Ninja UV 3.0
1. Added Projection Mapping tools
2. Added double click to the pixel ratio quick settings. Double click will quick scale to the value clicked
3. Added buttons for hypershade UV editor uv sets

Asset Manager
1. fixed an issue with maya 2008 not showing files with icons.
2. fixed warning about bookmark file not existing.

Ninja City
1. Added a vertical UI Mode under the Window menu.
2. Fixed an path issue when building a city with street lights.

Updates 11.7.2011
1.  Updated the Scatter.
Scatter now supports paint scatter, selection scatter, and Object scatter.
2.  Fixed some memory issues in the Scatter
3.  Created a Tutorial Video on the Scatter

Updates 10.10.2011:
1. updated Asset Manager
2. updated Ninja Light
3. updated Ninja Mesh
4. updated Ninja UV
5. updated Full Mode
6. updated menus
7. updated Ninja HUD

Updates 8.1.2011:
1. updated the Icons for Ninja Dojo
2. Integrated Asset manager into the Ninja Dojo Bar.   You can also open it in a seperate window.
3. Updates for Mesh, Light, UV, Fracture

Updates 7.3.2011:
1.  added texture atlasing to the Ninja UV
2.  added autowire from edges in the Ninja Mesh
3.  misc updates

Updates 6.17.2011:
1. Added a Mel Tab that now contains the external scripts.  Any mel file in the external scripts will now be created in the Mel tab in a rollout called external.  This will apply to any directory added inside the ninja_dojo directory.  So if you create a new directory Called "Your company name",  it will then create a new rollout and buttons will be created for the mel scripts that live inside that directory.
2. Removed Image Viewer because the asset manager will replace it
3. Added Asset manager to the Window Menu
4. Added a Custom Shelf Tab.  You can drag icons onto the custom Tab shelfs by ctrl middle mouse.  Dont forget to right click to save the shelfs.
5. If you are running 2011 or higher the default start is to dock to the right
6. Added a script search on Creative Crash in the Mel tab

Updates 6.5.2011:
1. Fixed Directory Structure.
2. Fixed an Issue with Tabs not being created on a Mac\
3. Updated the mesh tools with the new scatter features and fixes

Updates 5.22.2011:
Dojo updates:
1. Added Ninja Cam in the Windows menu
2. Added Help links in the Help menu
3. Added a Tile Mode in the Dojo UI

Mesh updates:
1.  The Attach in the mesh tools will now keep the scale rotation and translation
2.  The Deform along path will now group the base wire

UV updates:
1. Baking AO, Lightmaps, and UV's will now append instead of overwriting.
2. Added Object Tile Layout.  This will layout uv's based on objects instead of shells.  Created for doing texture atlasing.

Light updates:
1. Added texture baking
2. Added vertex baking

Updates (5.7.2011):
1.Update Icons
2. Ninja Light: added Create Lights
3. Ninja Light: added Adjust Global Intensity
4. Ninja Light: added Adjust Global HSV
5. Ninja Light: added Adjust Global RGB
6. Ninja Light: added Auto Locking when selecting lights (just click on the auto button)
7. Ninja UV: Fixed some issues with the Bake AO
8. Ninja UV: When Baking Textures if you dont have a texture assigned it will not stop
9. Ninja UV:  Added a checkbox to cast shadows in the Lightmap Bake
10. Ninja Mesh:  Added Replace By Name
12 Ninja Mesh: Added Duplicate to Selected Verts

13. Ninja Mesh: Added Spline Creation
14. Ninja Mesh: Added Rebuild Spline

Updates (4.20.2011):

!! With this new update you will need to delete the old Ninja_Dojo Directory !!
1. Updated the UI to be more dynamic. You can now make sub directories inside the Ninja_Dojo directory and it will automatically make a tab for you.  Plus all the mel scripts in that directory will get a button made for you.  Also added icons to the ninja tools.
2.  When you open the scritpt it will default to the Ninja Tools.
3.  There is Now a Bonus Folder which contains other scripts i have written or currently updating.
4.  One Bonus tool is the Assest Manager.  This will help import and export objects.  It will also preview textures.
5.  Fixed a couple bugs in the Ninja_Mesh

Updates (4.13.2011):

Ninja Dojo
1. Updated the UI to be more streamlined.
2. Added Docking for Maya 2011 and above.  In the Window Menu there is now Dock Left and Dock Right.\

Ninja UV updates
1. Added A UV set editor.  It is located at the top of the edit uv tab
2. Added a HUD UI.  It it located in the window menu
3. Removed the open uv window and hypershade window since it is located under the window menu

Ninaja Mesh updates
1. Added Deformers in the Mesh Tab
2. Fixed some issues when you replaced objects with Inherit Deformers and you have the Deformer as a child of an object.
3. Added the Duplicate Special options in the Replace Objects.  If you have a Deformer as a child you can now replace objects and the deformer will get copied too.
4. Moved Deform To Curve under the Copy Tab.
5. Added Duplicate On Curve.  This will duplicate objects on a curve.
6. Fixed some issues with Create Tube from Spline.  Custom Profiles now automatically will center the pivot and reset it back to world space coordinats.
7.  Added a Custom Profile Button.  So now you can select the profile and click the button to fill in the Text instead of having to type it in.
8.  Combined Ninja Scatter into the Ninja Mesh.  It is now a tab in the Ninja Mesh tools