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Ninja Fracture 6.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Breaks objects into chunks

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Last Modified:12/13/2016
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Version History

1. fixed an issue causing insert edge loop from working after running fracture.

01.22.2011 (V4.8)
1. fixed an issue when using force cutting plane/polycut.  It now cuts at the right location
2. Added A Multi Plane Cut.  You can now create a bunch of custom cutting planes and add them to the list,  then click the Multi Plane Cut.  It works just like the Multi Spline Cut.

11.20.2010 (V4.7)
1. Added Random Rotation to the Chip Off feature
2. Added Random Scale to the Chip Off feature
3. Added Custom Chips  to the Chip Off feature (you can now create your own custom chips to use in this feature.  You can add multiple custom chips and it will randomize between the chips to chip off).
4. Added Segments to the Detach Chunk
5. Added noise to the Detach Chunk

11.10.2010 (V4.6.1)
1. Added a scroll bar to the UI

11.8.2010 (V4.6.1)
1. Fixed an issue with the Remove Random Chips.  If you had components selected and used the Remove Random Chips instead of the the Remove Random chips at component it would hang up maya on certain machines.  There is now error checking to make sure you dont have components seleced when running this function.

9.22.2010 (V4.6.1)
1. Fixed an issue with cutting multiple objects with single spline cut.
2. Fixed an issue with Create Radial.
3. Added Custom Locators section in the voronoi Fracture.  You can now create locators and add them to the list and use those locators for Voronoi Fracture.  you have to have "use custom locators" checked.
4. Added Keep Original Object option in the Fracture Options. This will keep your original object. 

9.21.2010 (V4.6.1)
1. Fixed an issue with cutting multiple objects with single spline cut.

8.18.2010 (V4.6.1)
1. Fixed stand in collision when creating joints.

8.17.2010 (V4.6.1)
1. Fixed an issue with the spline fracture that would stop the script.

8.16.2010 (V4.6.1)
1. Added an option to create joints as parents of the chunks in the dynamics section.

6.5.2010 (V4.6)
1. added collision to particles in the voronoi fracture so points will stay within mesh
2. seperate unseperated chunks will now run on multiple selected objects.

5.26.2010 (V4.6)
1. fixed UI to disable face size and noise when you have poly cut option selected
2. Added error checking to make sure you dont have the preview plane selected when running plane fracture.

5.21.2010 (V4.6)
1. Fixed an issue with the spline cut.. It would crash maya if the pivot of the spline was not outside of the bounding box of the mesh you were fracturing.. The position of the spline is now calculated from the center of the spline opposed to the pivot of the spline.
2. Added seperate U segments and V segments to the spline cutting plane.

5.19.2010 (V4.6)
1. Fixed a bug with capping holes
2. When using check mesh for errors,  It now will select the edges that are open.
3. Set assign fracture shader to cuts to off by default.

5.17.2010 (V4.6)
1. added segments in spline fracture. (this will add segments to the cutting plane)
2. added noise to spline fracture. (this will add noise to the spline fracture plane so its not a straight cut)

5.16.2010 (V4.6)
1. Updated the Progress Bar to include cut number progress and total time taken
2. moved the progress bar to always be visible in each tab.
3. added a couple settings in the explode option.

5.14.2010 (V4.6)
1. changed UI so the name is in a rollout
2. added an option to assign shader. 
3. added assign shader to boolean cuts (this works in 2011.  any version before 2011 will crash maya if you do an undo)

5.12.2010 (V4.6)
1. When Running Fracture..  It will now close the UV window and Sript Window
2. Added Shader Assignment to Cut Faces when using PolyCut (If you use booleans then the Shader Assignment will Lambert1).   The Shader is called Fracure_Shader and is created when opening up the Script.  The Color is set to Red for now. 
3. Added UV mapping to Cut Faces when using PolyCut (If you use booleans then the UV's will be taken from the Plane)

5.10.2010 (V4.6)
1. Seperated The spline cut into its own tab
2. Moved the Detach Chunk into the Chip Off Tab
3. Added seperation in the voronoi fracture if its checked on
4. Renamed "Stop frame" to "Locator position"
5. Changed default Locator position to 5

5.5.2010 (V4.5.5)
1. Set Poly Cut to be default Fracture Method
2. Renamed the Fracture button to be Plane Fracture
3. Opimized Plane Fracture when fractureing multiple objects
4. Fixed Force Cutting Plane rotation when using Poly Cut

4.30.2010 (V4.5.5)
1. Added preview option to path fracture 4.26.2010 (V4.5.5)
1. Seperated Create Radial into a new tab called Pattern
2. Added Create Locators to Create Radial so you can create a radial pattern for Voronoi Fracture when using force locators.
3. Splines and Locators are grouped in Create Radial.
4. Added Path Fracture in the custom Tab (will fracture using voronoi only).

4.23.2010 (V4.5.1)
1. Fixed Naming in voronoi fracture
2. updated UI

4.23.2010 (V4.5.1)
1. Changed Cut Style to Cut Method
2. PolyCut method now works on Voronoi Fracture
3. PolyCut method now works with the AutoFill Holes (before it would always fill holes)
4. fixed some empty nodes when using polycut
5. added extrude edge for polycut
6. updated UI.  created a seperate rollout for settings.
1.updated UI for 2011

4.18.2010 (V4.5)
1. Fixed empty nodes when using multi-spline Fracture
2. Added Cut Style.  You can now either do boolean operations or PolyCut for the fractures.  PolyCut will be more stable but you wont have noise or face size.

 4.11.2010 (v4.5)
1. Finished the multi-spline fracture.  You can now make a bullet hole style fracture by creating a radial.
2. Updated UI to have a scroll bar
3. Updated locator scale when working in meters
4. Added "force locators" to the voronoi fracture.  this way you can edit the locators position for fine tweaking.
5. Added test mesh under the help menu.  This will test for open edges and multiple face shells.

 4.5.2010 (v4.0)
1. Fixed a bug that caused duplicate geometry in the Original Fracture.

 4.5.2010 (v4.0)
1. Set Group to be on by default
2. Fixed Grouping in Voronoi Fracture.

 4.4.2010 (v4.0)
1. fixed a bug with remove chips at selected componets.
2. added preview for chip off
3. added preview for spline cut

 4.2.2010 (v4.0)

1. fixed an issue when locators ended up at the same space which would result in an empty mesh. 
2. set the default frame stop to 100 to compensate for this fix.


1. fixed an issue with preview particles.
2. you can now voronoi fracture multiple objects.
3. Added Locator Scale so when previewing the locators you can scale them up.
4. Added Triangulate in the original Fracture. You will get cleaner cuts if you are using noise and the mesh is triangulated.

3.30.2010 (V4.0)
1. Added Voronoi Fracture (This seems to be a popular shatter/fracture method so i thought i would add my own version).
     The Stop at frame determines how far the particles emit from the mesh.  (Refer to the Video)
     The no divisions in cutting  plane,  will create the cutting plane with no division.
     You really should keep the noise to zero.  You can test it with noise but the results might not be what you want unless you just want random chunks.
2. made the the stop frame into a slider and when you have the preview locators on it will update on screen so you can see where the locators will be placed.  It will also adjust when you change the number of iterations.


1. There is a preview cutting Plane option.
    This will show you what the cutting plane will look like with the face size and noise.
    You can also edit the plane by moving it, rotating, and adjusting vertices etc.  Then force it to be the Fracture line.  (This works on multiple objects)
2. I set the Random noise to cap out at the largest extents when fractureing.  (This might still have to change if you still have a long thin piece of geo).  Its still best to keep the noise amount lower than 25% of the shortest length.
3. In the new Custom Tab I added Detach Chunk.
   This way you can use the split polygon tool to make a cut then select the faces and hit Detach Chunk. 
4. In the new Custom Tab I added spline cut.
    You can Create a  curve and use that as the cutting plane.
    just place the curve outside of the mesh(It cant intersect the mesh at all).  The direction it cuts depends on the location of the spline.  If the spline is above or below it will cut vertically. If its to the left or right it will cut in that direction.. same with front and back.
5.  I changed the main Function Name to be Fracture instead of Fracture_UI.
    This way you can place it in your scripts directory and everytime maya opens it automatically will source the script.  Then all you need is to type "Fracture".
    A quick way to check where you should put your scripts is to type  internalVar -usd  in the script window.   You can still do it the old way by sourceing it.. but now its Fracture instead of Fracture_UI.