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nMakeTx :: texture tiler for Arnold / Renderman 1.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

A tool to tile yout textures from inside Maya

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Maya 2014 RMS4.0

Submitted by: lauras3d lauras3d
Hi Luca,

I've downloaded your script and got it all setup as per your instructions. I tried to post a question to you earlier but I think the site crashed or something because it never showed up in the forum. Anyways, I'm using Maya 2014 and RMS4.0. I've placed your python script in the right directory and saved the path to makeTx.exe. I set a path to my sourceimages folder which contains both .hdr and .jpg files. When I run the tool it appears to run successfully but when I go to my sourceimages folder there are no .tx converted files. Can you let me know what I am doing wrong? Should I be using a specific file type or naming convention?


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  • Luca Fiorentini

    Luca Fiorentini said almost 11 years ago:

    Hi Laura, You don't need any special naming convention for the tool to work. This is the full list of accepted file types: '.bmp', '.cin', '.dds', '.dpx', '.f3d', '.fits', '.hdr', '.hdri', '.ico', '.iff', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.jif', '.jfif', '.jfi', '.jp2', '.j2k', '.exr', '.png', '.pbm', '.pgm', '.ppm', '.ptex', '.rla', '.sgi', '.rgb', '.rgba', '.pic', '.tga', '.tif', '.tiff' Which version of makeTx are you using? If you open the rollout and check the 'verbose' option, you should get a log about the conversion. What does it say?
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    lauras3d said almost 11 years ago:

    SENT! Cheers, L
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    Luca Fiorentini

    Luca Fiorentini said almost 11 years ago:

    Hi! Would you mind sendind me the jpgs and the makeTx.exe that you are using for testing? My email is luca.fiorentini AT gmail DOT com thanks :)
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    lauras3d said almost 11 years ago:

    Hi Luca, I'm using version v1.0.1 When I turn verbose ON the conversion works. When verbose is OFF the tool finishes running in about 2 seconds and no files are generated. When I turn ON verbose it takes about a minute to convert BUT it only converts 5 out of 8 textures present in my directory. It converts all the .hdr and leaves the .jpg. Cheers, L

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