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OBJ Animation Exporter 0.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Export OBJ sequence animation from Maya, works well with polygons.

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Last Modified:01/21/2012
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Change OBJ Animation Exporter 0.1.0 settings

Submitted by: 3dmania1 3dmania1
Good day,
We ran across this script and it works great for exporting. We were wondering if it was possible to change the export settings so the obj sequence maintains the material properties for the 3d elements for the sequence? Example if you set-up materials for an object and use Maya's OBJ export and select the option box for export you have the ability to turn on Groups, Point groups, Materials, Smoothing, Normals (see screenshot). Is there a way to edit the script to add these features? We really need the ability to add these options to the OBJ sequence files so texture material information is maintained during export. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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  • Mohammad Sadeh

    Mohammad Sadeh said almost 10 years ago:

    Hi Dave Thanks for your kind comments the way to adjust the script to the changes that you asked is by replacing this line: file -force -op "groups=0;ptgroups=0;materials=0;smoothing=1;normals=1" -chn 1 -sh 1 -exp 1 -con 0 -ch 0 -typ "OBJexport" -pr -es $objOutname; with this: file -force -op "groups=1;ptgroups=1;materials=1;smoothing=1;normals=1" -chn 1 -sh 1 -exp 1 -con 0 -ch 0 -typ "OBJexport" -pr -es $objOutname; now everything is checked on! hope this helps :) Cheers! -M
  • Replyindent

    3dmania1 said almost 10 years ago:

    Perfect. Thanks so much for the help. After posting I started digging into this script and located that line. Thanks again for the help. Awesome script and now the texture information is saved with the sequence. Cheers, Dave

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