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OBJ[I/O] - OBJ Sequences Import/Export 4.0.2 for Maya (maya script)

This tool helps importing and exporting OBJ sequences and single OBJs

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Last Modified:08/26/2022
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Textures issue (continued)

Submitted by: furnace furnace

Hi Charlie - (posting convo here now - thanks)
Thanks for your prompt reply.
Unfortunately Mesh>Separate separates all the leaves giving me 10,000 different objects.
What I want is the original 5 objects again, where the leaves are one object etc.

Hi Tom. Try to use the tool from the polygons module.

Mesh > Separate

to get each object on his own. Do not delete history and it should work. Then assign the shaders to each resulting object. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers


Dear Charlie,

Thanks for this great script. I am encountering a problem with textures though I wonder if you might be able to help.

I am importing a series of grouped objs into maya 2016 on a mac. Essentially it's a tree created in Onyx which is moving in the wind. The group consists of 5 different Obj's. trunk, 3 different levels of branches and leaves. So each group of 5 comes in for each single frame. 
So when I run your script for 75 frames the thing works brilliantly. I see the tree there moving in the wind. However, I can no longer select separate parts of the tree, in order to add their respective shaders.

Of course I can click on a face, for the trunk for example, expand the selection until the whole trunk is covered, detach it from the tree obj and separate. As long as I don't delete history the obj animation still works, but with the branches this will be very time consuming.

Would you know a better way to get the shaders assigned?



Replies to this question:

  • CharlieWales

    CharlieWales said almost 8 years ago:

    I see. Can you provide a frame of the sequence for inspection?
  • furnace

    furnace said almost 8 years ago:

    I dont seem to be able to upload anything. Error message indicates CC are aware of a problem and will try to fix soon. I will try again later.
  • Replyindent

    CharlieWales said almost 8 years ago:

    You can send it to my email if you prefer.

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