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okPushy 1.2.2 for Maya (maya script)

push/pull objects and components in perspective camera space

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context, perspective

What is this:

This little mel script activates a tool context similar to move and scale tool. This one however moves things in perspective camera depth of the used perspective camera viewport.

Why is this useful:

  • I developed it mainly for photo modelling. If you have two or more calibrated cameras of a real world set, you can first line up the vertices of a geometry in x-y screen space of one of the cameras. Then you would use okPushy to move things in perspective depth of that camera until those vertices also line up with the object in the other cameras.
  • You can also use it for animation. Let's position the hand controller of a humanoid character in x-y screen space first and then push/pull it in camera depth until you are happy with the elbow.

How to use it:

Just select some objects or some vertices, edges, polygons or cv's of the object and press the hotkey to push/pull them away/closer to the camera.
Objects become smaller in screen space when they move away of course. Compensate the perspective scale by holding down the [Ctrl] key (after activating the tool!) while pushing/pulling. Objects will then grow while moving away and shrink while moving closer to the camera. They keep their screen space scale of the used perspective viewport. The perspective scale compensation mode is turned on by default if the scale tool was active rather than the move tool just before activating the okPushy tool (activate scale tool by pressing [r] and then activate okPushy).

The script behaves differently for certain selection sets:

  • one object gets pushed along its pivot.
  • several objects are kept together as group. They are pushed along the center of all pivots.
  • one vertex/edge/polygon/cv gets pushed along its center.
  • several vertice/edges/polygons/cvs get pushed along the center of the group
  • several vertice/edges/polygons/cvs in combination with [Ctrl] get pushed along their individiual centers

How to install:

I recommend to define hotkeys for press and release to make this function available only while keep on pressing the hotkey. I personally like to use the z-key. Who needs two hotkeys for Undo on [z] and [Ctrl-z]?
The tool can also be used as tool like the move or scale mode. It would be active until another tool is being activated. Use the hotkey-press script only for that reason. The hotkey-release script is only needed if you prefer the keep-pressing method.

The hotkey script for z-press:


The hotkey script for z-release:


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