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OneLiner Simple Renamer Tool 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

One line outliner renamer tool. One line is all you need!

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Last Modified:02/17/2022
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Hello everyone!

I want to share my simple renamer tool. The concept is unlike any other renamer tool that has many buttons, OneLiner only provides one line edit to do all your renaming needs, therefore, OneLiner reduces the amount of mouse clicks and your right hand to go back and forth between mouse and keyboard. I believe this will suit you, "keyboard person".

Basically, OneLiner takes the advantage of "illegal characters" in Maya naming conventions to identify naming commands such as replace, add, old name, numbering, etc.

How to use:

  • Run the script in Script Editor, put it in Shelf or keyboard shortcut for convenience.
  • Enter the characters to rename, then press Enter/Return on your keyboard.

Character replacement symbols:

  • ! = old name (useful to add prefix and suffix. Ex: current object name: "cube", to add "_CTRL" as suffix, just type "!_CTRL", result: "cube_CTRL"/to add "Mesh_" as prefix, just type "Mesh_!", result:"Mesh_cube". Or you can do both at the same time, just type "Mesh_!_CTRL")
  • # = numbering based on selection, add more # for more digits
  • Find and replace method:
  • "oldName">"newName" (without quotes) (Ex: current object name: "Cube_CTRL", to change it to "Box_CTRL", just type: "Cube>Box"
  • Remove first or last character(s):
  • -(amount of characters to remove) = removes specific amounts of characters from last character
  • +(amount of characters to remove) = removes specific amounts of characters from first character'
Add these symbols at the end to change the options:
  • //(number) = define the start number of numbering from #
  • /s = selected only (this is default, you dont have to type this)
  • /h = add items from all hierarchy descendants of selected items
  • /a = all objects in scene

If you don't see the help annotation while hovering the mouse over the line edit, make sure in Windows>Settings>Preferences>Preferences>Help>Display ToolClips is checked.

So far I have tried this only on maya 2016++ in Windows, but it should work on any other OS. Feel free to try it if you are using other versions of maya or Linux/macOS and let me know.

Since this is my first published script, please let me know if there's any question, idea to improve this tool or bugs. Enjoy!

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