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PAIE 1.3.3 for Maya (maya script)

Animation / Pose library tool.

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Last Modified:10/18/2018
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Pose, animation

Feature Request

Over Networks?

Submitted by:Raymond Arnold Raymond Arnold
Maybe there's some way to do this already, (if so, apologies) but I'd like to be able to have a large number of computers all source this script from a network, and then have access to a library of animation files on that network. People can run the script without problem, but all the tabs I created on my machine don't carry over to the other animator's computers. Is there a way to set that up correctly?

Comments on this feature request:

  • Jakob Welner

    Jakob Welner said over 11 years ago:

    Hey Raymond, The feature is there already in a sense but works a little different from what you describe. The tool itself doesn't save any of the paths that you setup so it doesn't matter whether everyone is running it from the same file or not. The different tabs and where they are pointing to is saved in a maya option variables which is in each persons preferences to allow for personalized setups. This option variable is called "paieOptVar_path" and is a list of paths according to each tab so if you want everyone to have the same tabs you can make a script that sets this variable to include your predefined path. ie: optionVar -remove "paieOptVar_path"; optionVar -stringValueAppend "paieOptVar_path" "/path/to/your/network/"; If you have a global userSetup or something else that runs on all your machines, including this code will synchronise the variable on all computers connected, however it'll also overwrite any custom setups on each of them, so if you want to make sure everyone can make add their own tabs as well as the predefined, you have to check the variable first and only add your path if it's not there already. Is this sufficient or does your feature request still stand? Cheers - Jakob
  • Raymond Arnold

    Raymond Arnold said over 11 years ago:

    I've since learned a bit about programming and actually changed a lot of the script to add some specific features we needed. I think I ended up solving the problem in a roundabout way, but it works. You might want to include a note about how to set this up in the documentation, but it's working for us now.

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