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PAIE 1.3.3 for Maya (maya script)

Animation / Pose library tool.

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  • 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

Operating Systems

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Last Modified:10/18/2018
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Pose, animation

Version History

13-04-2012: v1.3.3 by Jakob Welner
- Cleaned up old hacks, browse dialog/mel callback
- Removed mel Callback hack as the Undo bug forcing it has been fixed. Don't know when tho.

  21-01-2012: v1.3.2 by Jakob Welner     
- Fixed some OSX bugs     
- Streamlined OS dependent operations

01-04-2011: v1.3.1 by Jakob Welner
- changed PAIE title to correct version
- fixed a slight issue with selection after deleting files

30-03-2011: v1.3.0 by Jakob Welner
- fixed browse-button for both windows and linux        
- new Export All Animation and Import to original position        
- fixed error on deleting files in export mode      
- fixed some GUI issues  
- fixed infinity again
- added OMT header for menu support with OMToolbox (first 4 lines)  
- fixed support for boolean attrs
- returns instance on initiating GUI, in case anyone wanna use it?  
- including stack trace in error msgs  
- sorting filelists alphabetically  
- on Import prompting whether to change rotation order according to sourcePrints out affected controls to the script editor

11-09-2008: v1.2.0 by Jakob Welner
- __This version is not backward compatible__
- import now only matches to obj name - not path - and only accepts unique naming
- undo has been fixed - was a bitch so you'd better be glad
- errors are now more obvious on a popup window instead of the response line
- updated file structure
- listed framerate now actually works and is reliable
- pose imports now only checks current frame for existing keys that will be overwritten
- importing onto locked and hidden attributes no longer fails
- more stable GUI on linux
- the usual enhanced workflow and optimized loadtime kinda thing

04-04-2008: v1.1.2 by Jakob Welner
- minor refinements
- fixed some linux issues: progressHandler missing 'next()' method
- fixed infinity transfer on namespaced objects
- minor change in UI - replaced export 'pose only' with radioButtons (animation/pose)

02-04-2008: v1.1.1 by Jakob Welner
- fixed some stuff when handling paths with restricted permissions

02-04-2008: v1.1.0 by Jakob Welner
- enabled deleting files from list using the delete key
- autoselect namespace if there is only one
- fixed tangentType transfer
- fixed some warning messages
- fixed inifinity transfer