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PAIE 1.3.3 for Maya (maya script)

Animation / Pose library tool.

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Last Modified:10/18/2018
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Pose, animation


Pie browse file button not working

Submitted by: richarsontorres richarsontorres
First of all, thank you for uploading this awesome script. I;m just getting started with it, but I keep getting an error message when I click on the browse file button: 

# PaieGUI.browseFolder >> Only working in maya 2008 extension 2 for some reason

Have you guys had the same error? Do you know how to fix it?


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    Jakob Welner

    Jakob Welner said almost 14 years ago:

    Hi Richard and thank you for your comment. The issue you are referring to is well known and actually started out as a feature due to some browsing complications in earlier Maya versions, but it should've been fixed in Maya 2008 extension 2 and any subsequent releases so there's no real reason why it's still in there, apart from me having had too little time to do a proper new release. I have time again now but no computer to test on so before I update the package here, could you try this file out and tell me if its working better? Cheers
  • jakub jezek

    jakub jezek said over 13 years ago:

    Hi Jakob, that scirpt is absolutly awesome! Unfortunately i am based on Linux64 so the browseFolder problem met me too.. i was wondering if you could help me with this one. I am more based in Mel. And I cannot find where could i paste the static adress of animation folder. I wish to implement this tool in to my school project and would be happy if animators used it independently.. It would be easy for them to open GUI with already set Directory, as there is only one.. Thank you very much for you unswer in advance. Great job!! :] Jakub
  • Jakob Welner

    Jakob Welner said over 13 years ago:

    Hi Jakub, Thank you for your comments. I'm planning on updating PAIE at some point soon, taking care of the browsing problem, as I'm finally back on Maya again, however, to do what you are requesting I believe you can simply set the OptionVar that PAIE is using to handle the active path which is called: "paieOptVar_path" I haven't had time to test this and it's been ages since I looked into the code, but writing something like this in your userSetup.mel could potentially do the trick: string $yourPath = "put/your/path/here"; optionVar -remove "paieOptVar_path" -stringValueAppend "paieOptVar_path" $yourPath; This will remove any existing tabs and create one with yourPath in it.. however, it will also overwrite whatever custom paths your animators may want to use which possibly isn't desireable so you may want to write something to check whether they've changed anything themselves. Hope it helps. Otherwise give me a shout. I can't promise when a potential update would be ready, but I'm certainly aware that it's needed and I may get a little sparetime again at some point soon. Cheers -Jakob

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