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PathFinder Home Edition 1.1.3 for Maya (maya script)

Pathfinder gives you the power to retarget an animation into a path, with no feet sliding!

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Last Modified:06/27/2019
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Pathfinder: some questions (axis, controllers)

Submitted by: Guerrilla_Animator Guerrilla_Animator
Hi Felipe,
first off - thank you very much for your plug-in. Great work as I believe tools like this have been and will become even more important ... taking generic animations and changing them into more specific ones based on actual needs - that have a tendency to change more often than some musicians looks during their career.

Quick question to see if there is a simple solution – the rigs I am using are unfortunately not using y-up, but instead z-up ( Windows-Settings/Preferences: General Application Preferences-World Coordinate System: Up axis Z) . This is due to limitations enforced on the rig through the game engine that I am having to export the data to.

I might be wrong, but it looks like your script seems to only support y-up – I attached a screen-cap of the character with animation just before running Pathfinder on it and the resulting animation in the attached image and the following video: 

 A second issue I seem to have is home-made it would seem: the neck control and pole vectors have locked values – as defined on the rig I am having to use. Your script requires them to not be locked and I wanted to hear what you think before I go to my rigger and ask for changes. You can see the result of the locked parts of the rig in this video: 

 Thank you very much – please let me know what you think



Replies to this question:

  • Felipe Ramirez

    Felipe Ramirez said over 5 years ago:

    Hello Jan,
    For the second issue, I would recommend testing the Pathfinder without including the neck. 
    I believe the neck is already a child in your Hip-Chest-Neck hierarchy? So including or not including the neck will not make much difference. The reason being, you are working with a biped, where the neck sits just on top of the chest. In a quadruped, the head is leading the body by certain distance. In the TRex example, the neck is long and the head sits long way ahead of the chest, so its important that the neck and head are part of the path as well. In a biped, because the head sits just on top of the neck, it doesnt make much of a difference.
    Regarding the pole vectors, is it possible in your rig to set the pole vectors Space to Local instead of World Space? If its set to Local, they will follow the Arms and you will not have to include them in the path controls. 
    As for the first issue, I havent tested changing the Y up to Z up, so it indeed may be giving some issues in your case. However, you can try correcting the body orientation through the Bank attribute located in the Master Control, and see if that helps. If the orientation of the bank is not correct, I can point you in the right direction to modify the script's default orientation. 
    In future updates I will include the option of Y up and Z up.
    Please let me know if this answer helped you, or if you need further clarification.
  • Guerrilla_Animator

    Guerrilla_Animator said over 5 years ago:

    Hi Felipe,
    thanks for the reply - I haven't tried as I am only now seeing your reply - probaby would be nice for the highend3d guys to notify by default that something new has been posted. Will see if I simply forgot to set that.
    In any case -will try and take the rest of your feedback into consideration with the rig guys. We will see what they say.

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