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performDuplicate 0.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

change default settings for "duplicate"

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  • 8.x

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Last Modified:10/17/2006
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this is just a replacement for the script "performDuplicate"

 which is what gets run now in maya 8 when you press cntrl-d

 I have no idea why they changed it, and on top of that, gave no way to change the settings for it.
so I changed the settings to do at least 1 very neccesary thing.

 assign unique names to child nodes

 ( being that maya wont even let you rename something using the "quick rename" on the status bar if names clash it seems imperative that this option be turned on)

 so long story short, put this script in your local scripts so it overrides maya's default, and you can then edit it to make any changes you want for what you want as "your defaults"




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