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PGP-Multi Constraint v 1.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

A Script useful for making multiple constraints, both ("one-one" & "all-one")

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Last Modified:03/16/2012
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PGP-Multi Constraint v1.3

This script is aimed to assist you in your production where you have to do different types of constraint, multiple times. This script is written, keeping in mind that all default constraining options provided by MAYA should be available during the constraining process.

Below is the image of PGP-Multi Constraint v1.3 window followed by the little overview of the UI.


    1.  Driver Column                                                list of Driver objects
    2.  Driven Column                                               list of Driven objects
    3.  Add Button                                                   adds the selected objects in respective column
    4.  Remove Button                                              removes the selected objects from respective column
    5.  Clear Button                                                  removes all objects from respective column
    6.  Deselect Button                                             deselects the objects in respective column
    7.  One To One                                                  option that does constraints by one driver object to only one driven object

    8.  All To One                                                    option that does constraints by all driver objects to each driven objects
    9.  Tab Layout Constraint Menu                            This is the same option box layout we find in Option Boxes of Constraints in MAYA

  10.  Add Button                                                   Adds the constraint with respect to the options selected
  11.  Reset Button                                                 Resets the options of the selected Tab Layout Constraint Menu.

How To: 
       Add objects in the driver and driven column. Select the objects in the driver and driven column that u want to do constraint with. Choose appropriate options and Add Constraint.

NOTE: There is a small glitch you can see when you source the script, that is because, t
his script calls Maya's constraining option box commands to source the reset button command. Else the reset button will not function.

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