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PKD Rig System 2.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

A Complete Body and Face Rigging Solution

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Last Modified:06/07/2015
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Rigging, face, autorig

Build your rigs in a freeform manner, where you can create your rig organically in a  Hierarchical structure.

No preset templates or predetermined steps allows you to create from simple rigs to complex asymmetrical quadrapeds.

The entire rig system is broken down into 4 simple categories of body parts which can be quickly customised via a selection based interactive UI

PKD  Rig system offers a complete body and face rigging solution. The face  setup works along with your blendshapes and helps them push the your  characters expression.

Also  included is a Dynamic Right Click Menu which generates relevant  animation tools (FK/Ik, space switching) based on the type of selected  control

Some other features are

        - Three Type of Spine Setup
        -Two types of Pole Vector
        -User Error Checking such as keeping unique names
        -Separate Control and Skin System
        -Locator based templates allows quick placement of joints
        -Set your own joint orientation
        -Bone based squash and stretch along with Bendy Arms
        -Dynamic tail option
        -Easily build asymmetrical rig
        -And many many more.......

          A video preview of both the Body and Face Rig can be found on my Character TD Reel

          Character TD Reel

          Free for Commercial and Personal Use


          The Rig system comes with both a written and Video documentation. I recommend setting aside atleast an hour to study and watch the helpfiles carefully for both the Rig and Face setup.

          Here are the links to the Video Documentation

          Part 1  (Vimeo)

          Part 2  (Vimeo)

          Face   (Vimeo)


          Flick me an email about bugs, suggestions etc. The most requested features would definitely be put on the next version. Donations would also be greatly appreciated. Visit

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          If possible, do write a review. Donation would also be greatly appreciated.

          Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
          Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
          Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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