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Plot Curves 1.2.6 for Maya (maya script)

Create curves from animated objects and vertices

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Last Modified:10/17/2014
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path animation

Plot Curves creates curves based on an animated object or vertices that are a part of that object. It works with multiple objects or vertices selected and creates all sorts of useful curves. All modelled using animation.

Plot Curves can be used to make weird abstract shapes or even progressively wound coil springs. It could even be used to map out the animation paths of fighter jets flying in formation. 

It lets you design your animation paths or curves by animating the position, orientation and size of an object. You can even use deformers to add different effects to the geometry that will effect the curve created.

Example images show how you can extrude along the curve to create springs or even weave a basket or two. You can also attach paint FX to the curves for some really nice glowing wire effects.

Currently only tested in Maya 2013 on PC and Mac. But I think it should work on any python ready version of Maya. Let me know if it doesn't! :)

Stay tuned for PlotCurvesPro with auto pfx and extrusion animtion.

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