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Plumber: Personal Production Pipeline 1.2.0 for Maya (maya script)

Complete turn-key Maya production system. Easy to use, asset-driven.

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 8.x

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Windows


Last Modified:03/08/2012
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Plumber Production System


  • Maya 2012 Version Now Online
  • LINUX Support
  • Finally Fixed That Darn Win64 Installation Bug!!!

Sleek, Simple, and Now Plumber Works With Maya 2011.

A Complete Maya Project Production Solution
Plumber is an easy-to-use asset-based production system that will become the foundation of your small studio, commercial project, or student work. Using proven studio techniques of asset-based production, Plumber is designed to be an intuitive and user friendly system of tools. This simplicity of use, however, hides a deep production system that will grow with your needs. Your projects will be organized, efficient, and completed in record time. Plumber allows you to focus on being creative, not on managing files.

Plumber also has a module strictly for Shot production.  It organizes sequence and shot work by department or task, and provides for smooth hand offs between departments.  Plumber versions shots, and it manages takes.  It excels at group project work, and has a note system to ensure that you will never lose another file again.

       - Completely GUI based, Plumber's simple and intuitive tools let artists work efficiently.
       - Work collaboratively with shared asset libraries, simple department switching, and concise shot management tools.
       - An asset-based system, Plumber automatically organizes models, puppets, characters, sets, and props.
       - Easily integrate pre-existing tools, unique procedures and custom scripts into the Plumber system.
       - Perfect for students, Plumber utilizes big studio pipeline methods you will not be be exposed to in school.

Visit for more details, including reference movies, tutorials, documentation and more.

Installation Instructions, Tutorials, Documentation, Reference Movies, Forums

While easy to use, using Plumber requires some education to use.  More than merely a tool, Plumber is a production system and to use it you must learn Plumber's production philosophy.  It is highly recommended that you at least perform the tutorial once.  There is also a great deal of reference material at the plumber3d website.

Visit for complete details on how to install and use the Plumber system.  There are installation instructions, user manuals, tutorials, forums, and tips

Quick Installation Instructions for Plumber

        - Go to

        - From the Left Navigation Menu, choose Getting Started>>Install Plumber

        - You will now see complete instructions and reference images regarding the installation process

Longer Installation Instructions

It is highly recommended you visit for complete installation and usage instructions
Unzip the PLUMBER.MAYA.GOLD.0.0.[vers].ZIP file into a directory

1-Copy the plumber.pyc file from the scripts/[maya version] directory to:
      ../[username]/My Documents/maya/[maya version]/scripts

2-Start Maya.

3-In a Python Script Editor Tab, enter (Do not indent the text in the script editor) and run:

        import pythonPlumber

4-You will be told Plumber needs to be installed. Hit INSTALL.

5-You will then be warned you will lose unsaved work. Press INSTALL.

6-You will then be asked to browse to where the Plumber Repository will be installed. This is where all of the files related to shows and projects will reside.

7-If you want to direct Plumber to use a pre-existing repository, browse to the Parent directory of the Plumber repository (Choose C:\Projects, not C:\Project\Plumber")

8-After browsing, confirm your choice

9-A window will come up telling you to browse to the directory where you unzipped the PLUMBER.MAYA.GOLD.0.0.[vers].ZIP in step 1 above, and then to browse to the "..prefs\icons\Wrench-icon.bmp" file within that directory

10-You will now be prompted for an initial Show. Plumber will not run without at least one Show in the repository. The Show will be the name of your first project.

11- The Plumber UI will appear.

12- There will now be a shelf button with the wrench icon. Use this shelf button to launch Plumber from now on, or use the script text from step 5, instead.

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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