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PM_heatWeight 0.6.6 for Maya (maya script)

Better default/auto weighting to a skeleton!

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Last Modified:03/31/2010
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Mesh vanishes

Submitted by: jon newell jon newell

Sometimes when I try to skin with HeatWeight my character mesh disappears, anyone got any ideas why this might happen? 

I recieve this warning

# Warning: encountered exception while weighting mesh |Nurse|NurseShape:
in method 'MIntArray_set', argument 3 of type 'unsigned int' #

though Im not sure if it is the problem or not...
This is a fantastic script/prog btw!!

Cheers in advance!


Replies to this question:

  • barnabas79

    barnabas79 said over 14 years ago:

    Hmm... is there any mesh that seems to make this happen more often than others? If so, could you send it to me? Or is there any other way to reproduce it? If not, if you open up the file in a text editor, and change the line (line 175 in my version) somewhere soon after the License / Usage / Changelog stuff that reads: DEBUG = False to DEBUG = True Then, next time it happens, it should give you a bit more information in the script editor. (As well as a bunch of other mostly useless crap.) If it do this, and it does happen again, could you send me the text it prints out?
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    eduardo grana

    eduardo grana said over 14 years ago:

    so i've founded that the option between undoable and fast wansn't quite working, and since the problem was in the fast mode, i've changed the line 553 in the file from this pinocchioWeightsImport(mesh, skin, skelList, weightFile=outWeightPath) to this pinocchioWeightsImport(mesh, skin, skelList, weightFile=outWeightPath, undoable=undoable) so it takes into account the undoable parameter, and now it works for me in the undoable mode.
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    eduardo grana

    eduardo grana said over 14 years ago:

    Hello, First let me thank you for writing and sharing the tool. I have the same issue, and after turning on the debugging, i've seen that at some point this proc def getNodeIndex(node, nodeList): for i, compNode in enumerate(nodeList): if isSameObject(node, compNode): return i else: return None returns none intsead of and int causing the crash: TypeError: in method 'MIntArray_set', argument 3 of type 'unsigned int' I'm still trying to debug it myself, but if you know what may be happening, please let me know! Cheers
  • Jonathan Rohland

    Jonathan Rohland said over 14 years ago:

    I'm getting the same vanishing mesh issue... all the way down to a simple primitive with a few joints. With DEBUG = True, I don't seem to get any errors or anything that seems like it isn't functioning properly. Any ideas? I'd love to be able to give this a whirl...
  • barnabas79

    barnabas79 said over 14 years ago:

    So, after a bit of a hiatus from this from a while (got a new job, moved, was busy with pymel - pick your excuse...), I'm trying to come back, and at least figure out what's causing some of these problems. I think I've got a handle on at least one thing that's causing it... but if you're having problems with a simple mesh with just a few joints, you may be seeing something else. Jonathan, could I get you to send me a simple test file that shows this behavior? Send it to Thanks! - Paul
  • Jonathan Rohland

    Jonathan Rohland said over 14 years ago:

    Hi Paul, thanks for the response. So I redid a simple test, and now I can't get it to fail... but now the executable is actually crashing when I try it on a full character model (whereas before the model would just disappear)... are there any requirements for the model (e.g. no non-manifold geo, etc.)? When I get a few spare minutes I'll try to narrow down what's working and what's not and maybe send something over to you. In the meantime, I'm a bit overloaded at work and need to finish some tools for my team.
  • barnabas79

    barnabas79 said over 14 years ago:

    Yeah, the mesh has to be non-manifold... I think there may be some other requirements as well, but to be honest, I can't remember right now.

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