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PM_heatWeight 0.6.6 for Maya (maya script)

Better default/auto weighting to a skeleton!

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Last Modified:03/31/2010
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Vanishing mesh!

Submitted by: Jerry Bimbo Jerry Bimbo
Okay, so I am having a problem similar to the other user who noted his mesh would disappear when using this script. I have found out, I think, what's causing the problem but I don't know how to fix it. I had done a smooth bind on my character a couple saves back but then detached the skin so I could continue adding controls and editing my character.. The joints, however, remained colorful. When I tried using your script, it made my mesh disappear completely...When I used it on an older file that didn't have the colorful joints however, it worked beautifully. Is there any way you can help me get this rectified cause I'm on a tight deadline for this particular character and would like to use your script to save some time! I'm at work until eleven tonight.. I hope you receive this before then! 

PS - Here is my file.. I hope you can take a look at it!

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  • Jerry Bimbo

    Jerry Bimbo said over 14 years ago:

    Better yet, if that link doesn't work, try this:

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