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pm_quickblast 1.7.0 for Maya (maya script)

playblast current camera at a specific resolution

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  • 7.x, 6.x

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Last Modified:01/18/2007
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 Tired of switching cameras and turning off your control curves just to do
a quicky preview playblast? Me too! So I wrote a little MEL script that
does it for you. It'll do the following:

-playblasts the current active camera

-set the "show" stuff to polys and nurb surfaces only
-playblast the window at your specified resolution
-switch the viewport back to your original settings
-allows you to playblast just the highlit section of your timeslider (just
like the real thing)

all with the press of a button (or a hotkey - I use ALT-P)


Source the script.


Make a shelf button or a short cut key with the following command in it: pm_quickblast 480 270. The first part is the procedure that runs the script. The second is the height and width of the playblast. I use a quarter of the final resolution.


Note: it won't save your file so use it for quicky previews. (I may add that option in a later revision)






PS let me know if you find any bugs so I can fix em.


Rev 1.7:

- Made the script work on active camera (it seemed more flexible that way)

- Remembers viewport "show" settings to return window to original settings


Issue with Maya 8: when you turn off all the "show" setting in a window then turn a few back on the camera image plane no longer shows up. This can be an issue. I'm holding out for Autodesk to fix this.

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