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Poly Split per assigned shader 1.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

split perFace shader assigned polyGeo

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Last Modified:01/19/2008
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Split Poly geometry using per face shader assignment.

scriptName: tt_splitGeoFromMultiShaderAssignments

function: creates separate poly objects from a mesh or multiple meshes and creates separate objects according to multiple per face shader assignments.

I originally wrote this to create a workaround for  the renderLayer limitation that breaks every shader assignment when multiple shaders are assigned to different faces in renderLayers.  Turned out to be very handy as even smoothed and proxied geometry still retained their original shape (if you have the right smoothing settings on!).  Also used in the industrial design field where massive contiguous meshes have multiple shaders assigned to them for surface distinction, this script splits em up in no time.

usage: either select polyGeo with multiple shaders assigned that you want split or run the included script tt_selectObjectsWithMultiShaderAssignments, which selects all polyObjects that have multipe per face shader assignments.  Then run tt_splitGeoFromMultiShaderAssignments

note: you may have had to open the hypershade panel once before using this script, as it needs scripts sourced from that window.

any feedback, improvements, complaints etc. welcome either by e-mail or in the support forum.  would also like to get feedback on how and where yu may have used the script, thanks

Have fun,

Tylney Taylor

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