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Last Modified:05/20/2011
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Missing controller in rig breaks poses

Submitted byDenny Lindberg Denny Lindberg
If you have removed a controller from a rig and try to apply a pose, let's say a full body pose, only parts or nothing will receive the pose as the iteration of the poses break at the missing controller. You can't select partials either, like just an arm, and apply a pose either.

A suggestion would be for the script to check for available controllers before applying a pose.

Comments on this bug:


    NURBO said over 12 years ago:

    My first +1 is about missing/renamed controls bug which brakes entire pose. I suggest you should warn user about those controllers (via list of missing controllers in script editor) but ignore them while setting a pose, keep going on with existing ones. Second one is about removed character's breakdown menu. First of all, it was quite convenient to pick different characters while working with complex animation scenes, with many characters in it. Now you need to constantly point which character you need to load - damn time consuming and not user friendly at all. So, i suggest you should put back this dropdoun thing along with menu command, like "set character lib path" or "set default poseMan path". It should point on poseMan's directory with characters saved inside. This way I can place poseMan directory on server and set it's path on all my animators machines so they can use and share the same library for our characters. Hope you will bring happines to us all with new version in nearest future. Til lthen, we're keep using 1.2.8 version. Best regards! Keep it going with us and we'll make a great animators tool together!

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