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Presets for mia material 1.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

Presets for mia_material_x and mia_material_x_passes with textures

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Last Modified:05/10/2012
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This is a collections of scripts and bitmaps that are used to create presets for the mia_material_x and mia_material_x_passes. This is an effort to give Maya a similar capability to the 3ds Max "Arch & Design" material presets. I did not have permission to use the bitmaps that came with the 3ds Max Arch & Design presets so I am supplying my own textures. But if you have access to the other bitmaps then its pretty easy to edit my scripts to use them instead.

These scripts include more than just bitmaps for the materials. They also include gamma nodes, utility nodes, etc... where necessary. There is control in the script file to not create the Gamma nodes (and/or control their default values) if you wish to adjust it.

Also, if you change from one preset to another, the existing node network will be wiped clean (deleted) and replaced with the new preset. So be aware when applying a preset to an existing material. If you want to keep something in the existing material then disconnect it from the network before applying the preset.

I'm not much of a programmer so please forgive me if the format isn't "up to code". This was just a fun project and hopefully it will be useful!

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