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Presets for mia material 1.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

Presets for mia_material_x and mia_material_x_passes with textures

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  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

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Last Modified:05/10/2012
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  • siva

    siva said over 5 years ago:

    It's not working
  • valenwagner

    valenwagner said over 8 years ago:

    Thanks for that, Billogi!
  • Billogi

    Billogi said over 8 years ago:

    abhiparna, I have just got this working on OSX with Maya 2016. I have rewritten the installation instructions for Mac =) 1) Navigate to your version of Maya, right click and select ‘Show Package Contents’ From here, navigate through Contents>presets>attrPresets If the "attrPresets" folder does not exist, then create it. 2) Place the "mia_material_x" and "mia_material_x_passes" folders that are in this download into the "attrPresets" folder. If you already have the "mia_material_x" and/or "mia_material_x_passes" folders there, then just add the contents of these new folders to your existing folders. 3) Copy the "Architectural_Material_Textures" folder that came with this download into the folder: I created a ‘Maya 2016’ folder in ‘Documents’ then copied the folder into there. Copy the folder path, including the folder name ending in / in my case ‘/Users/Billogi/Documents/Maya 2016/Architectural_Material_Textures/’ 3) Now navigate back to ‘mia_material_x’ and open all the ‘.mel’ files in your favourite text/code editor (I use ATOM). Round about line 21, you will see a line that begins with ‘string $filepath = ’ Change the file path in the quotation marks that follows this to the path of your ‘Architectural_Material_Textures/‘ and save the file. Do this for all the files and don’t forget to end with / Here is my example ‘string $filepath = "/Users/Billogi/Documents/Maya 2016/Architectural_Material_Textures/“;’ 5) You are now ready to use the presets. Create an mia_material_x or mia_material_x_passes and access the "Presets*" button within the Attribute Editor. The presets are in the lower section, below the basic presets that come with Maya.
  • JW90

    JW90 said about 9 years ago:

    Btw, Abhiparna. I guess you should have figure it out but you can open de mel script from each material with a simple text editor. Edit it, save, and close. Once again, thanks valenwagner! Works perfectly! The only thing I will add is custom icons, not a necessity but it could be awesome. I know they are a few script options around there but I like the simple preset action already built in the material attributes window.
  • JW90

    JW90 said about 9 years ago:

    This is excellent!
  • valenwagner

    valenwagner said over 9 years ago:

    So sorry for the late reply, abhiparna. I do not have any experience working with Maya in the Mac environment so I'm sorry but I don't know how to solve your issue.
  • abhiparna

    abhiparna said over 9 years ago:

    I use a mac machine and found difficult to change the script. could you please tell me how to use this script on a OS x machine. Thanks a lot...
  • vaccuus

    vaccuus said over 11 years ago:

    million thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • valenwagner

    valenwagner said about 12 years ago:

    You can edit the scripts to create other materials. There is no "quick easy" way though that I know. If you do edit the scripts to create other presets, I would appreciate it if you could mention my name and email in the file as I am trying to network and connect with other users and employers. Thanks!
  • sil_musashi

    sil_musashi said about 12 years ago:

    Really good script. I really enjoy it. I wonder if there is a way for the users to create their own presets so that they can share to the other users?

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