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Projection Maker 1.9.5 for Maya (maya script)

A tool that projects an image plane onto an object

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  • 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:09/01/2010
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maya, projection, uvs

Projection Maker is a tool that allows you to map a texture onto an image plane, modify the vertices so that it matches up with your object, then project the modified image onto the model, automatically matching the UVs with virtually no stretching. This also mean that you don't need to create time-consuming UVs. An automatic mapping should be all that is needed.

This tool is inspired by zBrush's Projection Master, and Ryan Kingslien's Texturing with Photo reference tutorial that can be found here.

Please do not redistribute this tool.

Please, enjoy it!

Installation instructions:
Place script into your user scripts directory.
Macintosh: /Users/Shared/Alias/maya/scripts
Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/*User*/My Documents/maya/Scripts

Place projectionMaker.xpm into your user icons directory.
Macintosh: /Users/Shared/Alias/maya/icons
Windows: C:/Documents and Settings/*User*/My DocumentsmayaIcons

Usage: Type projectionMaker(); into your command line, or the script editor and press enter.
To create a shelf button type createShelfButton(); .

I take no responsibility for any damages or losses of anything when using this script. This script
is provided "as is". Edit at your own risk!

Danny Ngan: Original UI code, from DannyUVTools
Henry Korol: Code to add shelf button, from HKMagnetTool

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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