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Quadruped Path Animation System 1.1.4 for Maya (maya script)

QPAS allows you to use your animated cycles directly in your scene in a matter of minutes.

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

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Last Modified:11/28/2022
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The Quadruped Path Animation System is fully integrated into the Maya menu work flow. The script will run on any version of Maya, any rig and will give you amazing control of a single cycle repetition, or as many repetitions that you have animated in your cycle.

This script builds a path instantly and then attaches your animation cycle to it. The path can then be shaped to fit your scene geometry. The speed and timing of cycle can also be interactively edited and there are multiple offset controls.

1. place pathMakev2.mel, pathPositionv2.mel, pathAnim2.mel and timeWarp.mel scripts into script dir and source them in the >Script Editor.
2. To create a Maya Custom Menu, copy the userSetup.mel to your home account (or windows equivalent - i.e \Documents and Settings\"user"\My Documents\maya\scripts)

Any rig can be used  just select 9 controls in the order below:


1.Fully integrated into Maya menus.


2.Works on any version of Maya and any operating system.
3.Will Work with any rig.
4.Gets a cycle of any frame length onto a path in under 1 minute.
5.Interactive control of cycle speed and direction.
6.Offsets created for each control allowing you to i.e create head turns, alter stride lengths, change body height.
7.Setup movie provided

Path Demo:

Quadruped Path Animation System.

This system allows you to import a cycling animation of any frame length into you scene.
You will need to make sure that all the animation channels on the animated rig are cycling
to pre and post infinity.

Once the Path System is in the scene, the path curves can then be orientated and shaped very quickly to line up
to any geometry. For example if you are importing a wolf gallop cycle, you can shape the path to take the wolf
over the ground terrain, round or over any obstacles.  

Another example of the systems versatility is that you could turn a cat walk into a sneak by simply lowering a
section of the top path, this will lower the body into a crouch pose(the body offsets can also achieve the same).
You could then slow the walk here using the timewarp control, (the timewarp enables easy control of the cycle
speed by editing just one animation curve.) the cats stride could also be altered using the individual leg
offset controls that are created by the system, all this is layered over the initial cycle.

Some examples of how this Quadruped Path Animation System has been used in feature film VFX projects:

More examples of the path system in use for movement studies:

QPAS was used extensively in the creation of these animations, however it should be noted that further
animation work was required for some actions (i.e tiger poses during jump down) once the path animation had been baked out.

QPAS has been used on VFX features and commercials such as:
Volvo - Easter Island Crabs (See opening movie)
Esuvee (Keepitonallfours) - Esuvee Rodeo. (see opening movie)
Happy Potter - Blue Birds.
10,000BC - Tiger, Vulture in flight, Terror Birds.
Hellboy 2 - Flying Tooth Fairies, motion tests for Golden Army robot.
John Carter of Mars - motion tests for Thoat.
Avengers Endgame - Outriders

In the film 10,000bc QPAS was used in many shots of the tiger walking through
a village. The time saved as a result of importing the high quality cycles into the shot was very significant,
infact the client was amazed that one person could animate so many shots in such a short time!
Many of the Terror Bird running sequences were animated using QPAS, the system will work
with biped creatures also.

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