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"Rapid Rig: Advanced" - Auto Rig 2.3.8 for Maya (maya script)

This is a tool that will set up a customizable rig for a bipedal character

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Last Modified:12/10/2022
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problem with right to left and left to right

Submitted bymathieu renoux mathieu renoux
Hello, I bought the rig which is very very  good I think! I have suggestion and report of problem.
Version use: maya 2011 and win64 (windows 7)
Problem I found are in the command for match left to right or right to left..the script seems to not find the proc for it, it gives me an error rightToLeftcheck not found..I check and can't find the proc neither, so I guess it's not in it, maybe it's not support just yet.Same thing for the reset givves me resetCheck not found error :/
Ik to fk or fk to ik seems fine although as a sugestion I should tell you that it would be nice to have the arm or leg automaticaly switch to the appropriate correspondance, meaning if I'm in FK and want to match to Ik it's nice if I click on FKtoIK that the arm actually switch to Ik, right now I have to go to the controller and switch it manually, no big deal but it would be simpler I think. I'll add it myself if you think it's no use it shouldn't be too hard.

I also think that for futur update a system a bit more modulable would be good, things like automatically creating only an arm we could attach or an extra leg things like that, i know it would be more complicated but it would give us the ability to do any sort of character that way.
Also creating extra such as tail or ribbon could be really great..ok ok I'll stop there :)

Finally  I think the system for for the finger is a bit too simple right now, I would add extra attr on the hand ctrl just to put the hand in certain position close, open rest things like that, that would speed up positioning the finger selcting them all manually can be slow..although I like it like that not having to rely on attr such as curl and such for each finger is nice.

I'm sure you're doing a lot of work on it at the moment so take your time, those are more suggestion. Great script though I really like it so far keep it up.


Comments on this bug:

  • mathieu renoux

    mathieu renoux said over 13 years ago:

    Ok I'll add an extra probl :) sorry..Fk to Ik or Ik to FK does not include the stretching would be nice to have it too while switching... thanks
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 13 years ago:

    Hi Matt, Sorry about that, the left to right, right to left and reset are things I am working on, I meant to comment that out before uploading the latest version, so my bad. I will have those features in shortly. Extra limbs and things like that are definitely something I am considering, but they are kind of on the back-burner for the time being. Right now, I am working on the animation UI (as you can tell from the errors you were getting) and with that, I am trying to find the best way to select finger controls from the UI. The main issue with this is that the number of fingers and toes is optional. Ideally, a UI with buttons to select the each control would be the way to go, but I haven't quite got that far with it. With the IK/FK, having it auto switch when you match is a great idea, I will add that in the next update. With matching the controls with a stretch, that is a bit of an issue, it's easy to match FK to IK when IK is stretched, because the arm is straight. IK to FK is a lot trickier if the arm isn't completely straight. I will investigate if I can use the elbow/knee locks for matching with the stretch. Thanks for the feedback, hope you are having fun with the rig so far! Dustin
  • mathieu renoux

    mathieu renoux said over 13 years ago:

    OK thanks, I've already reimplemented the switch myself was very easy so no worry. Some ideas considering a way to have the finger selecting: Something like having the ctl of each finger connected with ".message" attr to a specific attr at creation of the script, this way it would be easy to just check what obj is connected in a script and that way always having a way of knowing how many fingers ect..something you could do for the entire Ctrl of the's not something new and it's very efficient.For now I will just put the finger in position and save some preset with dkAnim or a pose script. I don't really understand the problem with the scale, but will check out the rig a bit more indeph to see if something is possible and why it's an issue (haven't really gone deep in it yet) will keep in touch. Keep up the good job..I have a lot of other request but will let you work a little on getting the UI for selection set before adding extra thing :) keep it up.Good job cheers
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 13 years ago:

    Hey Matt, Just read your last message. I really have to bug the guys running this site to inform me when people comment on a bug or request. It's a pain to always be going back into the bugs constantly to see if anyone responded. Anyways, I just uploaded version 1.2.6 and the RapidAnim UI now has functionality for the left to right and right to left, as well as a couple reset options. I have also included your suggestion for IKFK matching to change the switchControl's mode as well. As far as finger selection goes, ideally i would like to have an interface where a button represents each control in the shape of a hand. The tricky thing with this is the UI will have to be generated based on the context of each rig. And that would also mean that every character would need its own UI potentially. For now, though, I have built in two buttons to assist in finger selecting to some extent. To easily select all the controls of one or more fingers/toes, select at least one control, then click "Controls Up & Dn". This will select all the controls for all the fingers that have one or more control selected. "Controls Across" selects all the controls across all fingers and toes. So if you select the first controller of a finger and click "Controls Across", all the first controls of all the fingers will be selected. In the next update, I am going to change the finger control curves to make them easier to select. Hopefully that, along with the new UI options will be useful for the time being until I can come up with a better way. And thanks for the suggestion about the special attribute, I am already using the identification attribute to verify that a rig is actually selected for the UI to work. I might be able to do something like that for the UI. Let me know what you think of the latest updates. And if you don't mind, if you have individual requests or bugs, just create a new bug or request, rather than adding them in here. It makes it easier for me to keep track of what is out there, and I can update the status of each one as I go. Thanks again, I appreciate the feedback! Dustin

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