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"Rapid Rig: Advanced" - Auto Rig 2.3.8 for Maya (maya script)

This is a tool that will set up a customizable rig for a bipedal character

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Last Modified:12/10/2022
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Feature Request

Select GUI

Submitted by:pandalope pandalope
Your selection tool could be updated to be more of a GUI setup. If not even that, as it is, unless I'm doing something wrong, it doesn't work with referencing :(

Comments on this feature request:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 11 years ago:

    Hi, Are you talking about the Rapid Rig Anim script? What do you mean by GUI setup? I am hoping you can clarify so I understand what you mean. The current functionality is a pop-up UI for doing quick selections of fingers/toes, resetting/mirroring pose and IK/FK matching. The video labeled Animation Interface (at the bottom of the Description tab) explains how it works. I also wrote Rapid Rig: Poser which is a much more robust script that I spent a great deal of time on, and it is sold separately, because not everybody has a use for it. Dustin
  • pandalope

    pandalope said over 11 years ago:

    Hey, my bad, I didn't see/realize/forgot you have the poser thing. That's what I meant by a GraphicUserInterface setup to select stuff. I also guess the issues I'm having with the pop-up UI is that I've deleted the jaw and eye joints since I don't need them on my character, so now none of the selections work. Since the mirroring is meant more for a games environment, I'd only need it for a quick and easy select all button, but I can scriptify something myself for that I guess.
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 11 years ago:

    Ah cool. I will add a check for the script so that it won't error out if the head, jaw and eyes controllers have been deleted. I am fixing another bug in the rig so once that is done, I will upload both files at the same time.
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 11 years ago:

    I just uploaded a fix. Rapid Rig Anim's functionality in version 2.1.1 should now work regardless if you have head, eye or jaw controls. And it should also work with character referencing, that was added a few versions ago.
  • pandalope

    pandalope said over 10 years ago:

    Hey, so I figure you've updated the anim tools script that comes with the rapid rig pro so that it works on referenced characters. Maybe I'm using an old version or something but it seems to be looking for charName_RIG_controller, but the auto rig didn't set up that naming convention, it's simply charName_controller. I also see that it has been updated to verison 2.2.2. I have 2.1.1. Can I download the updated script somewhere or do I have to repurchase it?
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 10 years ago:

    Updates are free :) If you are logged in with the account that you purchased Rapid Rig with, just go to the top of this page and click "Download". Let me know if the latest version fixes your problem. -Dustin
  • pandalope

    pandalope said over 10 years ago:

    ahh, thanks! In the rigger update, did you happen to change things in the "$rigName"? For whatever reason, when I use the anim script, it seems to be thinking $rigName = rigName + "_RIG"; I searched through the script real quick to try and figure out where it was adding _RIG but couldn't find anything. Is it maybe because I have my rig in a group I named rigName_RIG (while i have my geo in rigName_GEO for cleanliness)
  • pandalope

    pandalope said over 10 years ago:

    it also seems, when I remove _RIG to that group above the mainC controller, the script looks for rigName|rigName_controller but still fails for some reason...
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 10 years ago:

    Yeah, renaming the nodes in the rig will cause issues because the scripts look for specific names. The second issue might be related to multiple objects with the same name. If you want to email me the file, I can take a look. -Dustin

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