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"Rapid Rig: Advanced" - Auto Rig 2.3.8 for Maya (maya script)

This is a tool that will set up a customizable rig for a bipedal character

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Last Modified:12/10/2022
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option to remove finger/change number of finger joints?

Submitted by: j n j n
Hi,   I just bought this script and have a few questions

1. Is it possible to remove finger joint completely from the proxy rig?
2. Is it possible to change number of joints per fingers? 
- I notice the default is 5 with no options to chagne it.
3. Can I create multiple limbs from this script? i.e. 4 arms biped etc. 
- I was hoping this script could do all that otherwise this is quite a deal breaker for me :(

Replies to this question:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 9 years ago:

    Hi, I will try to answer your questions as best I can: 1. It is not possible to remove the finger proxies. At least one finger is required. Once you generate the rig, you can delete them, but this may cause issues if you try to use the RapidAnim script, or RR: Poser. 2. The rig generates with 4 joints per finger, not 5. This cannot be changed, but if you want less, you can delete them in the generated rig. Again, this may cause issues with the the other supporting scripts. 3. RR: Advanced is strictly for bipeds. Meaning two arms and two legs, spine, neck and head. I am sorry to hear that this is not what you were hoping it to be. I released a new solution last year called Rapid Rig: Modular. This tool allows for all the customization you mentioned above. Here is the link to RR: Modular -Dustin
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 9 years ago:

    You could try messaging Creative Crash's support and see if they would be willing to refund you or credit you. Not sure what their policy is on something like this, but they are the ones who handle all that stuff. -Dustin
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    j n

    j n said over 9 years ago:

    Hey thanks for the quick response. The modular version is perfect. I'm wondering if I can pay the difference for the other version? I just need one version that has all of the features (Modular)...doesn't make sense if I have to buy both versions. -J

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