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"Rapid Rig: Advanced" - Auto Rig 2.3.8 for Maya (maya script)

This is a tool that will set up a customizable rig for a bipedal character

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Last Modified:12/10/2022
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serious problems in Rapid Rig???

Submitted by: eallin eallin

 I need to mention some problems I have with Rapid Rig when preparing it for special cases. I know it is mentioned to make human based rigs so the physiognomy should be probably kept in human proportions. And maybe I am wrong but I cannot to solve these issues by myself effectivelly.
   But there is ine BUT: when I move and rotate some parts of dummy rig(concrete nodes are these: DSN_ROOT and DNS_SpineTop) anyway whole setup of spine is completelly messed up with creating NURBS surfaces controlling spinal joints with hair follicles. NURBS surface itself is extremmely large and joints are placed too far away from its right place.
   Typical problematic is rotation of dummy handles in 90 degrees along any axis. For example final tranformation group "name"_rWristJG1 is flipping thanks to its orient constraint(sometimes it is possible to solve this by changing interpolation of orient constraint to No Flip, but it work just sometimes, sometimes it doesn't help). I meet this problems allways all the time i am using this in other words really good script.

 These problems are "common" so they can appear on any part of the rig.

 At the end just one question: is it possible to leave all transformation channels on their nodes unmoved to non keyable state, please? When people need to repair problems it is really time consuming to use channel controll to appear them again vissible.
In my opinion it is necessary to have all channels of this type(channels on nodes which are not used by animators) locked, but it is not necessary to have them "invisible".

 And at the end: just one tip: it would be great to unlock some really necessary channels for propper placing of dummy parts of the rig. For example I dont know why "DSN_rHip" node has its TranslateZ channel locked??? It determines preparation of the rig fatally so I cant to move joints where I want to them exactly. It is producing some "aproximations" and I need to solve these things with long time additive rig controllers.

 Thanks a lot.

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  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said about 13 years ago:

    Hi Eallin, Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. I am not clear on what exactly the problem is that you are having with the spine stuff. If you could give me a bit more info on that, or even send me a file of the dummy positions file or the actual maya file, that would help me out. You can email them to me at dustin(at)rapidrig(dot)com. You are right about the wrists, they do flip in some extreme rotations beyond 90 degrees. I will start investigating using mathematical equations instead of constraints for this. Constraints with rotations are always such a pain. I will unlock the translateZ on the left and right hips, that is something that makes sense to leave unlocked. With locking and hiding, I prefer to keep things the way it is. I will add in the translate Z on the hips, and if you have any additional channels that you think should be unlocked by default, I will check into those as well. There are a lot of attributes that need to be locked for the rig to generate properly, so I don't want it to be really easy for users to mess with it. If you find you need to unlock stuff quite a bit, I have written a script that is available here: This is pretty useful, not just for my stuff, but for anything else you want to unlock and unhide all the standard transform channels without having to go through the Channel Control. The memory issue is strange, I am planning on refactoring my entire script, and seeing what I can do to speed up the rig and get rid of the cycle warnings. They don't actually cause issues (at least, none that I have experienced) but all the same, it would be preferable not to have them at all. Thanks again for the feedback, and keep letting me know of any other issues or concerns you find. Dustin
  • eallin

    eallin said about 13 years ago:

    Hello Dustin, thank you very much for soon and very valuable response. In case of wrist setup: in my opinion it would be good to solve that problem with exact math weighting, so you can use blendColours utility. It has just one disadvantage and it is that you need to have both, IK and FK chains, oriented exactly the same values in local space. So it needs some nested hierarchy. I will send you the scene with pre-setup of dummy Rapid Rig so you can see what I meant by "too large" NURBS surface controlling the spine. With some description ... AD memory issue: it occurs when Maya is running for really long time, for example several days and when running dynamic setups(with old fashioned Maya dynamics with particles) it is messing up all your work but JUST visually. It means that windows' memory management somehow corrupts(or Maya itself??? I really dont know exactly, I am not enough sophisticated to be sure with that issue) processes running in Maya and almost everything does really strange issues. For example Maya is ignoring per particle goal weights, etc. ... BUT when you restart not just Maya but whole workstation, the problem disappears. It means that problems occur so you save last version of your work, restart computer and when you run Maya again and open last saved version of your work all works well as supposed to be ... really strange but true. :) So this "issue" led me to this "explanation" and maybe that problem coinside with other Maya's tools as constraints are as well, too. But I have to say again: It is just my opinion. Maybe I am wrong and to be honest I would really like to be wrong. :) Keep up your really good work! Thank you for that. "soCalled" Eallin, Calebos/Josef PS: im writing you from this Eallin Account because we bought your script with this account. :)

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