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Last Modified:03/13/2019
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neck pivot

Submitted byg0ll4m g0ll4m
i just put a similar paragraph in review, shoulda put it here.  But the neck pivot is located where the head pivot is.  This is causing some seriously bad deformations.  Whenever i rotate the spine joints the head stays in the same orientation (looking forward) and the neck won't rotate downward.  Not sure if im missing a control or switch somewhere.


Comments on this bug:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 12 years ago:

    Hey, thanks for pointing that out! Not sure what I was thinking... I will fix that in an update ASAP, but for the time being, i see you are pretty deep into the rig, so if you paste the following into your script editor, and execute it, it should hopefully fix the problem. SAVE YOUR SCENE FIRST to be safe. Also, the script resets some of the controls to make sure the rig doesn't keep that kink in it, so you may want to key your animation first. After you run the script, just move your timeline and it should be good. Let me know if this works or not, and if not, we can find another solution. //PASTE THIS INTO YOUR SCRIPT EDITOR select MainC ROOTFKC NeckC Spine04FKC Spine02FKC HeadC ; $controls = `ls -sl`; string $currentControl; for ($currentControl in $controls) { setAttr {$currentControl + ".rx"} 0; setAttr {$currentControl + ".ry"} 0; setAttr {$currentControl + ".rz"} 0; } setAttr "ROOTFKC.translateX" 0; setAttr "MainC.translateX" 0; setAttr "ROOTFKC.translateY" 0; setAttr "MainC.translateY" 0; setAttr "ROOTFKC.translateZ" 0; setAttr "MainC.translateZ" 0; setAttr "MainC.scaleY" 1; delete HeadCG_pointConstraint1 ; $neckLoc = `xform -q -ws -rp NeckJ`; setAttr -lock false -keyable true HeadCG.tx; setAttr -lock false -keyable true HeadCG.ty; setAttr -lock false -keyable true; move $neckLoc[0] $neckLoc[1] $neckLoc[2] HeadCG.scalePivot HeadCG.rotatePivot ; pointConstraint NeckC HeadCG; setAttr -lock true -keyable false HeadCG.tx; setAttr -lock true -keyable false HeadCG.ty; setAttr -lock true -keyable false;
  • g0ll4m

    g0ll4m said over 12 years ago:

    this script helped out a litte bit, but the neck still seems its being "averaged" somewhere, i guess im almost looking for the head to parent to the neck directly. Im looking for rigging scripts that are decent for an upcoming animated movie i will be working on. If i can get this script working in my favor i might be able to use it. i have a new screenshot but doesnt look like i can paste it back into this thread. thanks

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