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Last Modified:03/13/2019
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Major rig problem when scaling the rig

Submitted byAdar Bronstein Adar Bronstein
in my case my character model is pretty big so it would fit the game engine well.
When I first start with the placement of the rig I have to scale it up quite a bit, I did it with the primary controller.
Now when I skin the mesh it goes berserk, I tried to figure out why and when I choose the root joint and add 100% influence on the entire mesh the mesh gets a few times larger then the rig. 
I added a pic showing what happens when I flood the root join influence over the mesh with 100%, the mesh gets out of scale. 

Thanks :) 

Comments on this bug:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said about 10 years ago:

    That's really strange... not sure what would be causing that. I don't have this problem either. I am wondering if you have a bunch of construction history, or a hierarchy issue, or transforms that aren't frozen. Maybe try detaching your character, delete construction history, freeze transformations and make sure that your hierarchy is clean and try again. If that doesn't work, can you email me the rig? Dustin
  • Adar Bronstein

    Adar Bronstein said about 10 years ago:

    Well I am starting off with no history at all and a single combined mesh with transformations freeze. Anyway I sent you the file as you requested :)

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