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"Rapid Rig: Basic" for Maya 1.1.1 for Maya (maya script)

A free version of the Rapid Rig for Maya

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Last Modified:03/13/2019
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  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 11 years ago:

    Hi 3dfreakshow, Unfortunately this Rapid Rig scripts are not supported in versions earlier than Maya 2008, as indicated at the the top of the link, underneath the picture. There are some tools and parts of MEL that I am using that are non-existent in Maya 7. I apologize for the inconvenience. Dustin
  • 3dfreakshow

    3dfreakshow said over 11 years ago:

    Using Maya 7.0.1 and RapidRigBasic everything works fine until I click on "Create Rig- OK". It's at this point I get an error in the script window as follows: Error: Cannot find procedure "symmetricModelling". I get no errors up until that point. How do I address that?
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said almost 12 years ago:

    Hi MR HOLLYWOOD, The script will work with Maya 2011, it's simply a mel script, and maya's scripting language changes very little from version to version. I have updated the description to include 2011. Thanks for pointing that out! Dustin

    MR HOLLYWOOD said almost 12 years ago:

    HI everyone. Very impressive. Dustin do you have any idea when you may have a 2011 version available. I've been learning Maya since I retired and this site is WOWZER. Rigging is fairly new to me and I would love to try out this amazing SCRIPT of yours. This is a very generous share. CHEERS MR HOLLYWOOD
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 12 years ago:

    Here is a tutorial that I wrote, it is a bit outdated, and I need to fix it up, but it should be enough to get you started:
  • abhishek sharma

    abhishek sharma said over 12 years ago:

    hey!!! can anyone tells me ..i am new for this site..from how i can get tutorials for available scripts becaue its going very difficult for me to play with advanced skelton 3.0
  • g0ll4m

    g0ll4m said over 12 years ago:

    Everything seems fine on the rig so far except the neck region seems severly messed up. I have painted the skin weights very generically and whenever i rotate the character around using the spine controls the head is pivoting in a weird way. The actual pivot of the neck is the same pivot as the head joint. Am i missing something? Does anyone else have this problem? thanks
  • Haakon

    Haakon said over 12 years ago:

    Hi! Nice work! Those new features you're working on sounds good! In my animation preferences I have default out tangents set to "stepped", for easy blocking of animation. This makes the driven keys you're using for the feet become stepped as well when I create the rig. The rig works fine if I change the default out tangents to "linear" before creating the rig. If you can't find a way around that, you should put a warning about it in the instructions or something. Haakon
  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 12 years ago:

    There are: -more foot controls -arm, leg and head orientation -IK/FK stretch on the arms -IK spine with stretch -Mirrored behaviour on controls (which I may add to the basic one in the next update) -The ability to set 1-10 fingers per hand, as well as 1-10 toes per foot. -IK/FK controls for the eyes Features I am currently working on for the commercial: -More user friendly clavicle behaviour -Optional basic geometry (so animators can jump right in to animating on a low-rez character) -Set Driven Keys for fingers/toes to do more broad movements -Automatic Character Set creation -Neck stretch -Snap IK to FK and vice versa -An additional interface for animation controls (eg. mirror pose, copy/paste/save pose, control selection, etc.) I am still adding to both versions based on feedback, so any suggestions and feedback you may have is greatly appreciated!
  • r4inm4ker

    r4inm4ker said over 12 years ago:

    Very nice tool! thanks for sharing! Is there any significant different between the free and commercial version? From the demo video, it seems pretty similar to me.

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