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Last Modified:03/25/2023
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Quadruped Hind legs issue

Submitted byeallin eallin
Hi Dustin,

 when you use the .BallSwivel custom attribute on the ik feet there is a bug after reaching further values(it depends on presetup of leg, more bent[rotated] joints in comparison to others the lower value starts to be problematic) and the rotation of *HindLeg_LowerLegIKCtrl handle is becomming bad.
It is caused by aimConstraint applied to above group transformation node  *HindLeg_LowerLegIKCtrlGrp2 and its Offset option. To be honest I am using offset option for constraints not oftenly because it is causing problems many times.
 The solution for this issue is to have the locator( *HindLeg_lowerLegIKLctr) on its right position so the above mentioned group is aiming at this locator directly without any offset with Object Rotation Up option(this object, just another locator, placed directly under *l_HindLeg_BallSwivelLctr's hierarchy. Then it is working like a charm.



Comments on this bug:

  • eallin

    eallin said almost 10 years ago:

    I shall send you the scene to see everything well. I hope I desrcibed that all ...

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