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"Rapid Rig: Modular" - Procedural Auto Rig 2.4.8 for Maya (maya script)

"Rapid Rig: Modular" frees you from the confines of bipedal autorigs! So get creative!

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Last Modified:03/25/2023
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Feature Request

Visibility off for controls

Submitted by:FeastX FeastX
Hello Dustin,
Can you please add some visiblity toggle for controls like:

ROOTSecondary_Ctrl, Spine_TopIk_Ctrl

One thing I'd really like too if possible is the ability to be able to not have necessarily 2 controls for a neck, a lot of characters don't have the face rigged and having 3 controls to move a unrigged head is really superfluous.
As it stands I move these controls out of the way like so but it's quite an annoyance:

Great auto-rigger btw!

Comments on this feature request:

  • Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 6 years ago:

    The ROOTSecondary_Ctrl and Spine_TopIk_Ctrl are really important controls. The ROOTSecondary_Ctrl allows the animator to rotate the hips without affecting the upper body. The Spine_TopIk_Ctrl is even more important. It drives the top spine joint, even if using the "Follow FK Ctrl", and it is what the arms and neck are attached to. It also holds all the attributes that affect the entire spine. Of all the controls in the spine, this is the most important one.
    For the neck, you can customize this to be something different. If you only want one joint in the neck, you can build/modify your neck to have only one joint. Also, if you do not want the spline system in the neck, you can replace the spline module with an fk chain module instead. This would be a much simpler setup, and it sounds like what you would want.
  • FeastX

    FeastX said over 6 years ago:

    I'm not saying they're not important but in lots of cases I don't use them so they clutter up the screen space, but ok.

    For the neck, I thought about doing what you suggest and replace the neck with something else but I like the feature "Parent orient" is there a way to have that with a single joint?

    Thanks for replying

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