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"Rapid Rig: Modular" - Procedural Auto Rig 2.4.6 for Maya (maya script)

"Rapid Rig: Modular" frees you from the confines of bipedal autorigs! So get creative!

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Last Modified:05/17/2020
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Arm setup

Submitted by: tractorbachcoch tractorbachcoch
Working on a rig that requiers 'rubber hose' animation in the arms. How does this work using 'Rapid Rig Modular'? I've played around with all the controls but can't seem to get it to work. I've also looked at the 'Rapid Rig Advanced' tutorials but these controls ar different.

Also how does the IK FK snap work?

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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 7 years ago:

    To use the curved arms and legs, you need to set the number of roll joints in your arms and legs. This is explained in the Creating Proxies tutorial: If you already have arms/legs and you want to modify them to have roll joints, you can modify your modules. This is also explained in the Creating Proxies tutorial: To then use the curve feature in your generated rig, you need to select the SwitchCtrl near the wrist/ankle and increase the values on the Curve and Elbow Curve attributes. To see the extra controls, turn on the Arm Curve Macro and Arm Curve Micro attributes. The SwitchCtrl is the one that looks like an arrow. The IK FK matching is demonstrated in the selector UI tutorial: Hopefully that makes sense. -Dustin
  • tractorbachcoch

    tractorbachcoch said about 8 years ago:

    I've deleted the rig and re-generated. All seems ok now.
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said almost 8 years ago:

    Hey, sorry for taking so long to get back to you! Were you able to get everything figured out? The goon-arms work and you were able to get the IK/FK matching to work? -Dustin
  • tractorbachcoch

    tractorbachcoch said almost 8 years ago:

    Hi. sorry still can' figure out how to get the IK/FK arms to snap to each others location.

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