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"Rapid Rig: Modular" - Procedural Auto Rig 2.4.8 for Maya (maya script)

"Rapid Rig: Modular" frees you from the confines of bipedal autorigs! So get creative!

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Last Modified:12/10/2022
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COG control

Submitted by: Todd Gunther Todd Gunther

Hey Dustin,

This may be a noob rigging question, but I just noticed that there's a COG (Center of Gravity..?) controler that's hidden (visibility turned off) In Rapid Rig Modular. You can turn it's visibility on from the main control's channel box. I just thought the ROOTCtrl was the same thing as a COG controler just named differently. Why the two controlers (ROOTCtrl and COG)? Is there a difference between the ROOTCtrl and the COG? And why is the COG hidden? Just curious. Thanks for any insight.

-NOOB Rigger. :)

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    Todd Gunther

    Todd Gunther said about 7 years ago:

    Thanks Dustin, This makes perfect sense. And thanks for the quick reply. Really loving this tool. Very well thought out and robust.
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said about 7 years ago:

    The Root is the starting point of your rig, for example the hips of a character. But it may not be where you want the center of gravity to be. For example on a quadruped, you may want to have the pivot between the hips and shoulders. When you are setting up your proxies you can customize the location of the COG. For a lot of users, they may not need to ever use it. It is hidden by default because it tends to clutter up the rig. If you select the ROOTCtrl, there is an option to show the ROOTParentCtrl. Again, this is just another control on top that some animators like to have in addition to the ROOTCtrl. The Micro and Macro controls on the arms/legs/spline are hidden by default as well. These controls are not as frequently used and it can be messy and daunting to see a rig with so much going on. So by hiding some controls it makes it easier to animate and select controls. Then if the animator wants to use them, they can show the extra controls. Hope that makes sense. I try to keep the complexity of the rig as user friendly as possible without sacrificing functionality. -Dustin

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