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Last Modified:03/25/2023
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Deleting Proxy bones with reference pipeline

Submitted by: Paul Merrell Paul Merrell

Thanks again for the quick response on my last question! So my pipeline consists of:

1. (with character geometry) referenced into:
2. (where I'm using RRM to build the rig and skin _mesh to the single hierarchy joint chain.) referenced into:
3. (where the animation data lives)

I'm trying to follow your tutorial to export to a game engine. I want to keep the export as clean as possible so I'm using the steps you outlined to delete the rig after baking in the animation to the single hierarchy joints. In order to delete anything, I have to 'import from reference' through the reference editor. Then you RRM script lets me delete the rig (preserving the SH joints). However, it won't let me delete the proxy rig. It says in the script editor:

// Warning: file: C:/Users/Paul Merrell/Documents/maya/2016/scripts/RapidRig_Modular.mel line 20870: A proxy rig (that is not referenced) does not exist in this scene. // 

Other than deleting the proxy rig back in the beginning of the pipeline, how can I remove it from the scene? I was surprised that I could delete the actual rig after importing from reference (in the reference editor), but not the proxy rig.

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    Paul Merrell

    Paul Merrell said over 7 years ago:

    I agree, you suggestion to use 'Save Setup' sounds much cleaner. I hadn't connected being able to 'save setup' with being able to also delete the proxy rig all together and re-load it when needed and have it stay connected to the rig. Thats really helpful! Thanks again for explaining it. I'll definitely try this workflow instead of jumping through unnecessary hoops. -Paul
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    Dustin Nelson

    Dustin Nelson said over 7 years ago:

    The problem is likely with the namespace. The imported name does not match what the script is looking for. So this is what you will have to do... 1) select the "RRM_MAIN" object in your scene 2) run the following code: select -hi; lockNode -lock 0; 3)Delete the namespace (Windows>General Editors>Namespace Editor) 4) Go to the RRM UI and try deleting your proxies again. That workflow is a bit clunky. I would recommend a different way of doing it. Instead, go into the rig file that you are referencing. Use the "Save Setup" option in the bottom right of the "Setup Proxies" tab of the UI so you can use it later. Next, delete your proxy rig from this scene and save your scene. By doing it this way you won't have to jump through so many hoops after importing/referencing. There isn't much point in having your proxy rig in your referenced file anyways. -Dustin

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